Undefeated! TNC Tigers Perkasa at ANGGAME China vs SEA Season 2

The TNC Tigers are predicted to become a new force in the competitive realm Dota 2 Southeast Asia has won its first title. Strengthened team Xepher, Varizh and inYourdreaM at the event ANGGAME China vs SEA Season 2 success bore fruit.

Poster for the title of ANGGAME China vs SEA Season 2.

The reason is, the team that occupies the position runner-up This TI8 Southeast Asia qualifier managed to beat other strong teams to achieve its first throne in the competitive realm Dota 2.


Not only Southeast Asia, TNC Tigers also faced team representatives from China such as Taichi Gaming, CAVALRY and Aurora Esports. inYourdreaM and friends made it to the final match after defeating Taichi with a score of 2-0 without reply.

The TNC Tigers who secure the residence await the opponent from lower bracket, namely between Geek Fam and Taichi Gaming.

However, the name of this title did not seem right when Geek Fam and TNC Tigers from SEA actually met in the final match.

ANGGAME China vs SEA Season 2 bracket.

Indeed, you could say that the representatives of the Chinese team at this event were not as strong as the team tier 1 origin China. This is because other strong teams from China are preparing strategies and META to face The International 8 event in August 2018.

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On the other hand, the team Dota 2 SEA can also send representatives who fail the qualifications for The International 8.

Giant Dota 2 Southeast Asia like Mineski, Fnatic and TNC Predator also busy with preparations for The International 8 event.

Towards the result of the match, Geek Fam, who hosted TNC Tigers in the final, apparently had to be hit hard with a 3-0 straight defeat. The first match of the inYourdreaM stage using Invoker.

The 1-0 score was secured after the victory at clash upper ground the Geek Fam team. Towards the second match, TNC Tigers got even stronger by ending the score 2-0 in the 23rd minute through a solid Kunkka-Luna combo.

TNC Tigers beat Geek Fam with a score of 3-0 without reply.

The third match became the stage for ‘Best Meepo in SEA, 458’ after topping networth and dominate the match.

The Phantom Assassin combination from inYourdreaM also solidified the TNC Tigers team’s first title in the 28th minute, 3-0 for Xepher and his friends.

Image Courtesy: JoinDota

The absence of 1437 did not have a significant impact, even the TNC Tigers appeared without defeat even with a total score of 15-0.

However, considering that the participating teams are not well known in the competitive realm Dota 2, it seems that this victory is no reason for the TNC Tigers to be complacent.