Unicorns of Love Get Sponsor from Condom Brand, BILLY BOY

Unique news came from one of the esports teams from Europe, Unicorns of Love. The reason is, this team has just signed a contract with one of the condom brands, BILLY BOY. Yes, condoms …

The German condom brand has signed an agreement with one of the European esports teams playing in League of Legends, Unicorns of Love (UoL). The cooperation agreement will last until the end of 2018 and the condom logo will appear on the UoL jersey.

The CEO of Unicorns of Love, Joss Mallant, also gave his comments regarding their collaboration with BILLY BOY:

“This collaboration is a good sign. BILLY BOY which is a well-known brand not only joins as our sponsor in general but also presents its unique logo on the sleeve of our jersey.

This partnership is perfect and a perfect fit: we will be better recognized by the market for BILLY BOY users and they will be able to hook up a new target market accordingly.

Apart from those related to marketing, we also feel our responsibility to take part in important but sensitive topics; convey the message of safe sex to our supporters. “

This collaboration between UoL and BILLY BOY was achieved thanks to the extension of Lagardère Sports in early 2017. Thomas Ottl, Director of Esports of Lagardère Sports, described this collaboration as an interesting, young, dynamic and fitting partnership.

Ottl also added that the two brands also plan to carry out activation promotions in the future.

UoL itself is classified as a unique esports team, which has succeeded in attracting different sponsors from most other esports teams. Previously, they also worked with 20th Century Fox to promote their film, Deadpool 2.

unicorns love deadpool 2
Deadpool 2 movie with Unicorns of Love. Source: tiltreport

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The trend of esports cooperation with non-endemic brands (which are not directly related) has indeed emerged some time ago in Europe. This year, a number of alcoholic beverage brands have also signed joint contracts ELEAGUE, DreamHack, and ESL.

Such cooperation is actually very interesting because it can immediately steal the attention. Especially if it happens in Indonesia, the cooperation between the esports team and adult product brands will likely bring shock to the world of martial arts; considering that most of us are still too conservative with things like that.

In fact, this cooperation can truly benefit all parties and not harm anyone – at least if one wants to be viewed from a more mature perspective.

When will that happen …?

Source: Esports Observer