Update Dota 2 – 20 January 2017, Old Shop is Back!

Dota 2 again announced its latest update, this time they are more focused on improving the in-game appearance. It can be seen from the title update this time, In-Game Interface Update.

This time the update is 127 MB, and after we tried it directly, there were some changes to the in-game display, starting from:

  • Old shop look, back again

Indeed, it can be called one of the most important in this update, because in the previous shop appearance, sometimes there were items that we needed but were not visible on the main menu of the shop.

  • Additional Pinned Items on the main shop menu

Now you have pinned items, only 6 slots you can use them to prepare items that you will buy later. To change items on a pinned post, you only need to press the pencil mark on the top right, then drag the items that you will buy later.

  • Stats on heroes are moved near their hero displays.

This update makes it more friendly to see and read.

  • Talent Tree becomes smaller and is moved near hero skills.

Previous Talent Tree did take up a lot of space, with this update it looks more minimalist.

  • When choosing a talent, you can use shortcut key 1 or 2.

Of course with this it will make it easier for you later.

  • The view on the backpack is moved back to the bottom of the inventory

For comparison, here is the hero in-game interface in the previous patch and the latest patch

old patch
new patch

It looks more minimalist and simple, what do you think?

Details about the latest updates, you can see here: http://blog.dota2.com/2017/01/in-game-interface-update/