Update DOTA 2 – 4 October 2017, Clean Up Bots, Smurfs and Boosters

After all this time, DOTA 2 finally took firm action for the motto “Make DOTA 2 Great Again!” Starting with a few days ago, a photo circulated on Reddit showing how an account was banned for boosting MMR.

And starting today (4/10), Valve has actually released an update regarding this matter. Not only MMR boosting, smurf accounts will also receive this firm action. Apart from that, in today’s update there are also some updates that you shouldn’t miss. In full, you can read below:

Official Changelog

  • Fixed various bugs during matchmaking.
  • Adjusted the weight given to behavior metrics to focus more on the smaller percentage of players who are the roughest players, rather than the general population.
  • Adjusted matchmaking for new players to be more sensitive to number of plays than behavior. Players who are detected as smurfs will be treated more specifically according to the skills they have according to their game history.
  • Improved the behavior scoring system and behavior score scores recalibrating.
  • Improves detection of in-game expoliters, bots, account sellers and feeders. Matchmaking tires will be awarded to players of the above types.

Economic Update

Treasure of the Emerald Revival – NOT RELEASE YET

  • The string for the banner store from treassure has been added. This treasure itself has not been released yet.
  • Will contain sets for heroes such as Naga Siren, Necrophos, Monkey King, Enigma, Rubick, Shadow Fiend, Abaddon, and Clockwerk. Also comes with escalating odds to unlock the Very Rare set Terrorblade.

Other thing

  • The expiration date for TI7 events has been changed from 1 October 2017 to 10 October 2017.

UI update

Front page

  • The International 2017 Battle Pass panel has been removed.


  • You can now access the TI7 Battle Pass from the new button provided on your profile.


  • Chat Wheel associated with TI7 ​​has been disabled from being visible.

Update String

Other thing

  • Many new strings are added for many changes from history item. | Example: Earned a promotional item, Purchased with points, Refunded, etc..


  • Lots of localization updates for Siltbreaker and other contents.



  • Conduct Reports now support for the ‘Grade’ system. | A +, A-, B +, B, C, D, F

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Patch Size: 78.2 MB (with Tools)

With this latest update, of course the smurfs and boosters will be forced to be careful or even play more honestly. It can be said that what Valve is doing is quite brave, considering the number of DOTA 2 players who are decreasing drastically. With what Valve has done, it can be two sides of the coin. On the one hand, this can bring old players back to playing DOTA 2, at other times they will be lazy to play because they can’t smurf or boost anymore. So, what do you think?