Update Dota 2 – January 13, 2017, the Matchmaking System is Changing!

It has just been announced that the latest update for DOTA 2. This update is not big enough, it’s just that the effect will have an effect when you are looking for teammates to match.

Source, fanpage wykrhm reddy

This update is more devoted to updating the m systematchmatking, previously the friends you get from matches depend on the server you choose. This time it changed, the matchmaking system focused more on finding the closest friends depending on geographic terms.

That is, if before when find match You often team up with players from Malaysia, Singapore, and even the Philippines, with this update it is more possible for you to meet players who are in the same country as you.

While other updates are more to fix some bugs. What do you think about this new matchmaking system, is it better or worse?