Update DOTA 2 – March 14 2017, Try to Fix FPS Problems?

Since DOTA evolved into the 7.00 patch, it looks like the FPS problem has become a question in every update released by Valve. It has been months since the release of the 7.00 patch, today there is only a bright spot that many people seem to be waiting for.

Officially today, Valve is making a small update to reduce this problem. The small patch size raises a new question, “why is it taking so long for a patch this small?”

Official Changelog

  • Unranked All picks now use a pick sequence like Ranked.
  • Improved performance when using Monkey King’s Wukong’s Command, especially with high ping players.
  • Improved performance when casting shadows.

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Patch Size: 68.3 MB (with Tools)