US Football Club Finally Has Its First Esports Player

Major League Soccer, or as we are more familiar with MLS, is the largest soccer league belonging to the United States. This league is one of the leagues that attracts the attention of world football players to migrate at the end of their careers. And with all its charm, MLS finally has its first eSports player.

His name is Christopher Holly, who is contracted by the New York City team as their eSports player who will play the FIFA soccer game. Christopher’s selection is not without reason, he is a soccer game player since 12 years ago and last December FIFA Ultimate Team hers managed to become top-rated world.

Previously, one of the English football teams, Manchester City, also awarded an eSports player last year. For additional information, New York City and Manchester City have the same owner, namely the City Football Group.

Watch the following video as Christopher Holly plays alongside one of the New York City team players, Ugo Okoli.