Vainglory Indonesia Teams Throwing Into Elimination Round

The Vainglory Indonesia T30 Revolution team, Ardent Allegiant and Kanaya Gaming had to fight in the elimination round to get tickets to the final round which will take place in the next 2 weeks. They failed to get direct qualifying tickets because they had not been able to collect maximum points for the first 4 weeks since the fall Tesseract Pro League competition began.

Tesseract League Autum points
Tesseract Pro League Autum season points

With the system Best of Three and format Robin Round, The 16 best teams on the Southeast Asian server are divided into 2 groups to compete against each other. Each victory they will get one point and the 4 teams with the most points in each group will immediately qualify for the Championship Week round, otherwise the 4 teams with the lowest points will go to the elimination round to face the 8 best teams from the Challenger League.

The top of Group A standings are still dominated by the defending champions of Southeast Asia Infamous Legion with a total of 12 points, while the team from Indonesia T30 Revolution had to occupy the last position because they were only able to win once in week 4 over Singaporean team, Chomp Chomp.

T30 Revolution, herrboy (left) and DOUBL3V (second right) at the presentation of the 3rd place prize in the Vainglory tournament at World of Gaming Jakarta 2016.

“It still needs some adaptation, because when the Tesseract was about to start T30R, there were new substitutions for RiggsRiggs and Fabien.” Said the captain of the T30 Revolution Herry Sudharma who is more often called by name in-game “Herrboy”.

“Cycjo, whose real role is as laner must adjust the situation as well by playing outside the role he is in Jungle, dThat added that Group A is arguably a group of hell, where the top teams are filled. “

“Hopefully in the elimination round we can go further.”

Photos (Left-right) Players Ardent Allegiant: iLoc, Nielz, officialhein and Mingz at WOG Jakarta 2016. (Source:

In Group B, Ardent Allegiant, who just won the Vainglory offline competition at World of Gaming Jakarta last week, had to settle for 5th place, only 1 point adrift of 4th place team MYX Mars.

Actually, on the last day of the group stage, Ardent’s team is still in the safe position of the top 4 of Group B. But in the last match they had to face and lose 2-0 with the Kung Fu Chickenz team from Singapore, which until now has not been defeated by obtaining full 14 points. Their 4th position had to be willing to be cornered by the Malaysian team, MYX Mars.

Meanwhile, Kanaya Gaming was only able to collect a total of 4 points and could only be ranked 6th in Group B.

Tesseract League itself is an official Vainglory competition on the Southeast Asian server which is directly supported by Super Evil Megacorp as developer from the Vainglory game. Winners can get a total of 1200 USD and can also represent the Southeast Asian servers at the Vainglory world championship which is usually held at the end of each year.

So friends RevivaL, let’s support the Vainglory Indonesia team, hopefully they can show their best game this week in the elimination round and can qualify for the Championship Week round.

1) Alive04 vs Noty Spetsnaz

2) Ardent Allegiant vs Team Swag

3) Insane Feenix vs Zeus Diversity

4) Divine Aurora vs Team Strengthen

5) Kanaya Gaming vs Team Supersonic

6) Cam Secret vs 4th Avenue

7) Insane Potential vs Generals Alpha

8) T30 Revolution vs ForgeYouLegacy