Vainglory So Analog? Caster VG Indo, DEIPNO, Open Voice

Right on Tuesday, May 8 2018, the world of esports mobile arrival of shocking news from one of the MOBA games mobile which is famous for “MOBA tap-tap”. Yup, this news comes from a game made by Super Evil Megacorp, Vainglory who will implement the feature joystick in update 3.3. Chatting-bareng-deipno-caster-vg-world-tentang-vainglory-5v5/

Suddenly this gave a lot of debate among the players Vainglory. Some regretted this, some liked the idea joystick, some even want touninstall because they feel betrayed. Wow …

To reveal more about update which is fairly large, RevivalTV contact caster Vainglory Famous Indonesia, Daniel “DEIPNO” Lam. He himself had time to fill in caster talent line-up Indonesia at the grand event Vainglory Worlds 2017 which resulted in Tribe Gaming as the champion.

This news came via the official Twitter tweet Vainglory with post Ciderhelm on the Reddit forum regarding patch 3.3. Then what does Daniel think about features joystick / virtual pad for gamers casual and casual pro player, positive or negative?

Ha ha ha, maybe I’m the one who is happy with the features joystick in Vainglory yes. Because joystick this is an additional feature, not a substitute control tap / touch more accurate. Position Vainglory with the analogue is arguably more established on the market.

Daniel Lam (right) in the Indonesian caster line-up for the 2017 Vainglory Worlds event.

Players who like to wear tap nor analogue will be on Vainglory. So I think the positive impact is more. For the community, of course there are pros and cons, some feel betrayed or disappointed by this feature.

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Community Vainglory It’s good to see from a different perspective, this is a new bridge for novice players to try Vainglory. That prefer play tap can try analog or vice versa because this is also an optional additional feature.

A professional esports team, Tribe Gaming when they won the Vainglory Worlds 2017 event.

For pro player Vainglory there should be no effect. In fact, I am optimistic that there will be many user Another curious and MOBA try Vainglory with features joystick. Because many of my friends don’t feel like playing Vainglory because the controls are difficult to learn. ” Said Daniel.

Indeed coming joystick as an easy control system for the device mobile, able to attract several enthusiasts. However, the presence of a joystick on patch 3.3 will only be available for 3v3 mode.

Community view Vainglory with this feature it is also somewhat surprising. Many think that this is nothing more than SEMC swallowing its own saliva regarding the use of features joystick in Vainglory.

What about negative views / cynically VG to be analog?

Daniel also replied, “Yes, it is natural in my opinion. Because this only happens in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia, which is currently at war between MOBA games mobile each other’s favorites.

Vainglory 5v5 gameplay.

There are hard-line fans in every game (including Vainglory). Each developer games also compete fiercely in terms of marketing to show that they are the best.

Hardline player Vainglory certainly bete really, especially the frequent ones bully another game with the designation ‘MOBA Kok Analog‘. Luckily I never did bully yes people, ha ha ha. ” Laughter Daniel.

The Vainglory Trophy for international esports events.

“This joystick feature is one of the features that quite a lot of new players are asking for. And on Reddit, the average response is positive too, so it doesn’t really matter, “he added.

While we were chatting with VG observers, We also asked about changes in the SEMC strategy which seemed to want to reduce esports and replace it with a more ‘traditional’ marketing strategy..

Daniel also explained, “now this is a rather complicated one. SEMC is a company start-up which is very small when compared to Tencent which has resources which is more capable.

If Vainglory was rumored to be ‘dead game‘I think wrong. Precisely Vainglory user base more after there was 5v5 mode than when it was still in 3v3 mode.

In my opinion, SEMC (it seems) is not too focused on esports for 2018. From marketing also nothing else that leads to pro team and competitive scene. If you say ‘dead‘maybe only in esports maybe yes.

Vainglory Tournament in South Korea region.

Indeed SEMC seems to be positioning itself not to spend too much resources (resources) in the realm of esports. ” Close DEIPNO.

Easy control features coupled with stunning graphics from Vainglory will probably be a big selling point. It is possible for the presence of a joystick on Vainglory will amplify popularity VG compared to other competitors, such as Mobile Legends or Arena of Valor.

Vainglory 5v5. Source: Vainglory Game

In addition to the presence of a joystick, Vainglory also added other new features such as ranked leaderboards and features voice chat which will be coming in the upcoming 3.3 update. So are you guys ready to move on to gaming Vainglory?

Edited by Jabez Elijah