Vainglory Team Secret Team Open Vacancies

Underperforming at the Vainglory World Championship last month, Team Secret captain Mowglie opened up opportunities for Vainglory players around the world to register and become part of the Team Secret pro players.

Here are the requirements.

The main roster of Team Secret is looking for players, playing competitive 2017.

Palmatoro leaves the Team Secret roster after having had an incredible year with lots of success in Europe.

KValafar hasn’t decided his future yet and still doesn’t know whether he will still be with TS or not.

Opportunities are open to fill our top roster in 2017.

There have been internal tests to some players, but I am thinking of opening vacancies for ALL SERVER so that it is fair and maybe provide opportunities for talented new players.
Here are the requirements for the candidates:

1) – Minimum Vainglorious Silver on your server for the last two seasons (If you are a new player, you can also be a candidate if you have reached VG silver this season), If you were / were previously part of a team, please let us know.

2) – Can fully commit to the game: Regular practice (7-8 hours / day, 6 days / week… and maybe a lot more), participate in every tournament (official or not). I would like to inform students who are still in school that if exams and studying take up too much of your time, it will be impossible. The game is your top priority, and your family must agree with it. Also for those who work, you have to make sure your work doesn’t get in the way of practice time or tournaments. We will be very strict on this because VG has reached a level where it needs your full dedication.

The best, of course, can play VG as a regular job, because it will be your job if you are with us. Training will usually start during the day until midnight with a small break.

3) – There is no age limit, but we want you to respect the previous points. Plus Team Secret’s target is to win! To be number 1 in Europe again, and give better results in the World (World Championship). For that, a competitive spirit is needed. Yes, the purpose of playing games is to have fun, but we want to have fun by winning and improving our abilities as individuals and as a team. We also need good communication skills (it doesn’t matter your level of English, only your attitude and the way you help the team to be better is what is needed). If you’re not ready to go over everything, every decision, and put your ego aside, we don’t need to be with us. On the other hand, we promise to listen and debate all the things you want.

Team Secret was hit by bad behavior and miscommunication after the summer of Evil 8. A lot of work has to be done (And yeah, myself included), so this will also be a team effort! be in a good mood, be a professional and grow together, that’s the key!

4) – We must have a passport for all destinations. We will probably travel around North America, Europe and maybe Asia.

If you are already in Europe, you should be able to fly to Turkey, Istanbul where the Team Secret gaming house is to join the bootcamp whenever we need to. Maybe in France too.

If you don’t live in Europe you should be able to fly to Turkey or France as often as we need, have stable ping on EU servers if you want to stay where you are (under 60ms). If possible to come to Europe, we will do our best so that you can stay in the gaming house as long as possible and rent something if necessary.

5) – Have a background / experience in eSports, or MOBA games, or tell us why you deserve the position, try to be honest (and please, you don’t want a CV style or a motivational letter, just want to see your courage!).

6) – Ready to work on social media, stream, and be on the stage of the event.

And this is more or less a requirement to register for Team Secret. You can send your application on my professional email: [email protected] or at [email protected] with the subject: TS2017 Apply Main Roster “IG name”
One email per player, every spam will be immediately blocked and sidelined.

Remember, you are looking for people who are ready to commit to VG. You know this game is not as big as other MOBA games, but we provide an opportunity to dive into the world of eSports with pro-Player status. We know this is a dream for many players, so give your best.

Previous Team Secret Roster: Mowglie (roam), KValafar (lane), and Palmatoro (jungle)

Actually Team Secret itself is the most successful team on the European server, having become the defending champion three times in the EU Live Championship. Since the beginning, before they were recruited by Team Secret, Mowglie and the others were the 1st winners of the 2015 EU Autumn Live Finals on behalf of the Media Pixels eSports team. After being recruited, they also showed their dominance by winning first place in the next two Live finals, Winter and Spring season 2016. It’s just that in the last Live finals of Summer season they were only able to become runners-up because they lost to Team Snow. This defeat resulted in reaching the World Championship where they were eliminated in the group elimination round.

So, Vainglory Indonesia players, this might be your chance to become a real pro player if you feel you have met the requirements above.