Vainglory Update 2.7 – New “Indonesian Flavor” Hero and Skins Appear!

After waiting for a long time, Super Evil Megacorp as the developer of Vainglory finally released Vainglory Update 2.7 – which brought about lots of changes and various new things. Because there are so many new things and changes, it feels like Vainglory update 2.7 should be discussed in two different articles.

In this first part of the article, let’s talk more about two things that are new and have been leaking for a long time – new heroes and some new skins. Some of the skins that appear are too pity if you don’t buy them, but the one that draws attention is of course the new Hero, who is said to have an Indonesian “taste”!

The hero is named Reza, the fire magician who has just been released in Vainglory Update 2.7. Roughly when you hear his name, you will immediately think of your friend named Reza (I am like that too). Reza, who is armed with a kind of chain tipped with fire, does have some compatibility with elements of Indonesian culture – seen from his stature.

Based on the background story, Reza is the older brother of Grace (who was the new hero of Vainglory before Reza) and is also the father of Samuel. What makes it taste Indonesian is the style of the clothes and also the patterns on the clothes – which have the nuance of one of the things of Balinese culture, namely Leak. This is more and more suitable for Reza, who is a fire magician, not much different from Leak, who is described as having the power of fire.

The same type as a fire magician, all of Reza’s skills are of course inseparable from the element of fire. Thanks to his Hero Perk named Firestarter, all of Reza’s skills will cause a fire that deals Crystal Power Damage to those affected by his skills. His Ultimate Skill is even more crazy – allowing Reza to disappear briefly and reappear as a fire monster, again with a Balinese style in his stature.

Reza can already be used in the game, where for the next week Reza can only be purchased using Ice for 799 – cheap enough for a new Hero who usually costs 900 Ice immediately. After a week, Reza can be purchased using Glory, which is estimated to cost 8000 Glory.

Reza’s appearance was accompanied by the appearance of four new skins for four different heroes – Red Rona (Legendary), Valkyrie Grace (Epic), Butterfly Celeste (Rare), and also Dire Fortress (Rare). Red Rona who has grade The highest among other new Skins is a major highlight for the Vainglory community, which has indeed been leaked before its appearance has been made before other new Skins.

Red hue with grade This legendary brings out two sides that are actually opposite – Rona’s ferocity and also Rona’s grace as a female fighter. This hero in the Jungler position appears as a female fighter with two large swords in both hands, bright red hair, and various cool effects when he attacks. Red Rona is currently only available via the Epic Mystery Chest, with a probability of 1/5. This skin itself will appear in the Market starting August 23 for 3599 Ice

A fragment of the Red Rona story

Another new skin is still for female fighters – Grace. Grace’s first skin that appears immediately has it grade Epic, named Valkyrie Grace. Armor that symbolizes her strength and grace as a Holy Knight, Valkyrie Grace appears with a large hammer and an electric strike effect. Valkyrie Grace has yet to appear on the Market, where currently the skin can only be obtained through the Rare Mystery Chest with a probability of 1/8. Valkyrie Grace will appear on the Market per August 23 for 1399 Ice.

A fragment of the Valkyrie Grace story

For this skin, maybe it will become the next favorite because of its beauty and elegance. Butterfly Celeste is a new Skin for the star witch, Celeste who actually already has quite a lot of skins – but it’s always beautiful and graceful. Skin with grade This Rare has a romantic background, but is still deadly in battle. You can buy it at the Market for 900 Ice.

A fragment of the Butterfly Celeste story

The last skin that appeared in Vainglory update 2.7 is Dire Fortress. This wolf, which is described as a snow wolf from the north, looks fierce, but its ferocity is balanced by the appearance of a cute doll clinging to its body. This skin costs 900 Ice in the Market, but those of you who came to Halcyon Gathering Jakarta in early July don’t need to buy it because you got it in person as soon as this Skin appeared.

A fragment of the Dire Fortress story