Valencia Football Club has presented the eSport team

Wednesday, 13 July, 2016 ValenciaFC (International football team from Spain) has followed in the footsteps eSport by Presenting team eSport League of Legends. The reason ValenciaFC makes a team eSport League of Legends because the competition is interesting, and where there are 50 million viewers in each finals, that’s a huge number. With this, ValenciaFC has added to the list of International football teams that are following in the footsteps eSport, which was previously done by FCschalke who was part of the League of Legends EU LCS team (LoL league in Europe). ValenciaFC already has a team eSport, including Heartstone, RocketLeague, and League of Legends. League of Legends is a MOBA (Multiplayer online Battle Arena) genre game developed by RIOT GAMES.

In the interview, ‘Sergio Bunnet‘(the head of the eSports team ValenciaFC) said, “We have created a very solid squad with such players Pepii and Adryh, they are former champions of DDH (LVP) and SKB Expansion Tournament, or Thsi, the LoL 2015 final MVP. We have also created a solid structure and technical team that showcases some pretty in-game experience ”.
Víctor Santamaría‘, the first coach, claimed that “we have a great team to participate in eSport for a big name in the body of Valencia FC. We feel it is a huge responsibility for us to represent the team that we are now developing into eSports

ValenciaFC has recruited several players who already have experience in competitive LoL in Europe.

Here is the Roster from the Valencia team eSport :

Francisco Javier Madero Heredia AKA Moryo (Jungler)

Melvin Spaan AKA StoMe (Top)

(Mid) André Marinho AKA Falcão

Ramos Costa AkA Lastwolf (AD Carry)

Isaac Flores Alvarado AKA PePiiNG (Mid)

Adrián Pérez González AKA Adryh (AD Carry)

Ignacio García Viñas AKA Thsi (Jungler)

Javier López Campos AKA Reaper (Support)


Víctor SantamaríaUkelele

Master Coach Marcos GarcíaWiskinto

Assistant Coach Cristina MorgadoMarín

Physcologist Íker Rodríguez

Directors of the Valencia eSport League of Legends:

Team Manager 1 Jenifer González

Team Manager 2 José de Matías

This is proof of the progress of eSport, because many “BIG MONEY AND BIG NAME” Teams are participating in participating in the activity eSport, especially League of Legends.
Will the team eSport made by ValenciaFC will dominate the European LoL league? Let’s just wait for the Valencia team to come eSport in Europe.