Valve Appeals The International 8 Team To Refuse Sponsorship Of Gambling Sites

The International 2018 it has officially rolled by starting the group stage which you can see here. But apart from discussing a team, Valve recently announced a different appeal.

Before continuing in this article, it’s a good idea for you to listen to the new rules for the upcoming 2018/19 Dota Pro Circuit season here. Because this article will discuss something based on one of the statements from Valve.

The International Stage 2017. Source: Valve

Reporting from the VPEsports report, Valve is the one that oversees it Dota 2 To give an official appeal to professional teams to refuse to cooperate with gambling companies or sites on line.

Because in the latest DPC system, Valve asks teams to think twice about collaborating with gambling sites.

The International 2018. Source: Valve

Valve itself is not the first to appeal for the same thing, there are Blizzard Entertainment and Riot Games who did this first. The professional esports team invites the team to get away from collaborating with gambling sites as a condition of participating in the event made by him developer the. sponsor photos with gambling site, Pari Match. Source: fanpage

Even so, until now there has been no official statement from several related esports teams. Some teams do have partnerships with gambling sites, you name it Newbee, Invictus Gaming,, OpTic Gaming and others.

Invictus Gaming in collaboration with the gambling site Betway. Source: Betway

This certainly attracts attention to see the esports scene which is starting to attract the interest of gamblers in every part of the world, including Indonesia. Even though it contains negative connotations, the gambling site itself is thick with sports matches, including esports.

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Some names that may be familiar are Betway, the company which also sponsors the West Ham United football team. This suggestion has not been taken seriously by the participants of The International 8 seeing the busy matches they face.

VKGame, a gambling site that collaborates with OpTic Gaming. Source: OpTic Website

However, the appreciation should be given by Valve as the party developer Dota 2 to take firm action regarding gambling sites. What’s so bad? Because gambling sites are able to create a bad image in one particular game.

Newbee collaborates with a gambling site from China, RayBet. Source: Newbee fanpage

Dota 2 been a victim of the tragedy 322 by Solo a few years ago. Match fixing it is widely heard in sports, especially Arcana and Immortals transactions in cases of gamblers Dota 2.

Are you one of them? We do not recommend, but each of you will still bear the sins, yes, wow.