Vici Gaming coach, ROtK involved in racial tweets to the Philippine team!

After several issues that have surfaced about the racism experienced by players Dota 2 professionals from the Philippines, Kuku and Skemberlu. As a result, Valve intervened in solving the racism case.

Valve is a game developer Dota 2 prohibits Kuku from playing in the 2019 Chongqing Major even if TNC passes. In addition, TNC will be punished with a 20 percent reduction in DPC points.

Nails at EPICENTER 2017. Source: EPICENTER

However, like a revenge event, a Filipino community found an ‘ulcer’ from one of the players Dota 2 origin China. He is Bai “ROtK” A fan who is currently training the Vici Gaming team.

Why revenge? Because the tweet on his Weibo account was published in 2016. In that tweet rOtK mentioned that the team diving from the Philippines at the 2015 SEA Games like ‘the monkeys’

Source: Weibo

Without further ado, ROtK who knew about this stuck out and immediately announced his bad taste and apologized. This is an implication of the overflowing cases of racism that are currently sensitive in the community Dota 2.

He also apologized through his Weibo account and was broadly ready to accept punishment despite clarifying it.

Apart from that he did not want to evade or refuse in this case as well as providing artificial justifications.

Source: Weibo

Vici Gaming is also one of the teams that strongly rejects the racism of the word “ching chong” which had become a byword.

Many other teams reject this such as PSG.LGD, Newbee, Team Aster, Vici and many more.

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In addition, BurNing is also quite intent on making contact with the Valve team to provide strict regulations in cases of racism. As a result, Valve decided to ban Kuku from the Chongqing event.

Source: PGL

However, broadly speaking, there are no separate regulations or cases to avoid something similar like this.

TNC Predator itself had to find a replacement for the Chongqing Major after the ban on Kuku.

This case also gives the value that bad things and digital footprint will be difficult to remove, especially in sensitive issues.

So, it would be better for everyone to be able to refrain from doing bad things on social media, huh!