[VIDEO] Dendi gossip is out of Na’Vi, Arteezy is released, and MATUMBAMAN’s pants are missing

Facing the new season of DOTA 2, of course, the player transfer market is at its peak. From just speculation or what the players and team concerned have confirmed themselves.

These things are usually just a way to enliven or tease a little of the DOTA 2 scene activists in the world. Usually, tweets from players are quite questionable. Even though a player’s tweet is just a dime tweet. Or sometimes, streams from many players and people who are really personalities from DOTA 2 make us raise our foreheads.

For this reason, this time there are three clips taken from streaming Slacks, Arteezy, and MATUMBAMAN on Twitch.

The first is the DOTA comedian, SirActionSlacks. He was asked by one of his viewers about the player’s roster gossip. He stated that Dendi will leave Na`Vi and ppd will return to play. Also SUNSfan will enter into the team. All of them will play with Slacks in a team called Team WEENUS.

But it looks like the news is just a little joke from a Slacks, considering there is a tweet from Fng who is a former DOTA 2 player in Team Spirit which he has currently deleted. The little tweet contains a line-up that looks like the newest line-up from Na`Vi. Who’s the roster? You can read it on Rumors of Na’Vi’s Latest Roster Appear Through Tweet Fng.

Meanwhile, in another place, Arteezy, who streamed, received unpleasant news. Where ppd said he was kicked out of Evil Geniuses through a donation of $ 4. It is not known that this is just a joke from PPD or even shows something that will indeed happen later.

Meanwhile, sad news came from our champion, MATUMBAMAN. The ideal carry must accept the bitter words that the shorts accompanying his journey during The International round must be lost due to negligence on the plane he was traveling on. He shared his story when one of his Twitch viewers donated some of his money while advising not to wash the legendary pants.

For those who don’t know, or don’t pay attention to what happened at TI yesterday. So MATUMBAMAN is seen every day using the same pants in the main event. You could say that the red and white patterned pants have its own strength, which Team Liquid managed to become the champion of The International 2017.