[VIDEO] DOTA 2 Super Lag, So Funny!

Some time ago, there was a DOTA 2 streamer on Twitch who had a funny incident. The streamer with the nickname Kaztah is playing a game where he uses the Night Stalker.

Kaztah, who at that time was playing with his party friends, experienced an incident where his DOTA 2 was very lagging. It seems this is the effect of the DOTA 2 server being down, not from the PC he was using. This can be concluded because Discord which is used for communication is also still running well.

Intrigued by the video? Come see below.

Things like this are arguably one of the ridiculous things for a game after DOTA 2. With its biggest tournament prizepool already over USD 22 million, there should be an improvement from Valve. Especially in a situation that is about to enter The International 2017.

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