[VIDEO] Female Streamer Caught Using Cheats While Streaming!

It seems like the name cheat has never been separated from gamers, especially recently scene CS: GO Indonesia is being shocked by the “drama” of the cheaters.

This time it’s a turn Streamer woman named Haley-Isabel aka “MissQGemini” who was caught using the forbidden program, worse he used it when he was livestream in Twitch and seen by the viewerher at that time. The funny thing is he denies using cheat and say it as a glitch but after that he even accused his friend “Clara” of putting up cheat on his PC.

After this it went viral of course channel Twitch hers was hit straight away banned last Saturday, but he had time to make it back channel new with the name TheDjinnnn, and shows himself sending all skin CS: GO of hers to account her friend.

Even Pro-Player origin Cloud9 take part in responding to the embarrassing funny.

So, don’t imitate it, guys!