[VIDEO] OMG, DOTA is Broken! 6 Minutes. 6 Kills. 1 Cow.

Crazy. Crazy. Crazy. This seems to be evident from the events that occurred in the video below.

DOTA is broken. That’s true. An astonishing incident occurred when Spirit Breaker only had his capital Boots of Speed, Tango, Clarity and Orb of Venom managed to get Rampage, plus one kill additional afterwards.

And as the title suggests, this video will look how Spirit Breaker so over power at the start of the game. Although it doesn’t show bash which was usually so terrifying, but this Spirit Breaker was able to take advantage of the existing cooperation and was able to attract the stall clash.

It’s just that in the sixth minute you have gotten a Rampage with build item which is still like that, is clearly an astonishing thing. Is Spirit Breaker worthy ofnerf? Or is this purely a game from both the team and Spirit Breaker itself?

OK, let’s see the action!

Looks like Spirit Breaker’s extraordinary courage is bearing sweet fruit. Coupled with enough “rhino” Nyx Assassin at the start of the game, unleashed this incident.

One lesson that might be learned is, don’t get hit by Spirit Breaker!

How? Should Barathrum be understated his potential, especially early in the game?