[VIDEO] See How This One Phoenix Die Silly, Bug?

Sometimes, when we play DOTA 2, there are just silly and magical moments that happen. It could be because there was a bug, or maybe the mechanics were like that. But what happened to one of the Twitch streamers seems to be a big question.

This started the moment Phoenix and Treant Protector who tried to walk together met their enemies. One of which is Timbersaw. The epic event was that Phoenix died from being hit by Timbersaw in a strange way. Remembering that Phoenix had activated the ultimate previously, he shouldn’t have died.

For more details, let’s see the video below:

If we want to be observant, there was indeed an earlier Ice Blast effect. However, does the Ice Blast effect still apply if the Supernova is active? If so, we should also be wondering why Phoenix could have died if he should only have died if he had to die to die.hit several times?

So, what do you think happened here? Give your thoughts in the comments column!