[VIDEO] This is the oldest snatching Aegis in DOTA 2

The first day of The International 2017 group stage has ended. 40 games have been played, and we can see the first day’s standings as well.

Two sister teams, LGD and LFY, seem to have mastered the first day of the group stage. LGD who are in group A, managed to wipe out all the games they played. The 3 games they played, earned them 6 points. Same but not the same. LFY who are in group B even though they won all the games, but they only won 4 points considering they only played 2 times.

So many exciting events were presented on the first day. And one of them is how a unique event that can be said to make this event the longest Snatching Aegis in DOTA 2.

Starting from Newbee is trying to take Roshan. Shadow Shaman who previously teleported helped by using his Mass Serpent Ward. However, suddenly, the Legion Commander entered the Roshan Pit and had a duel. In short, Roshan died trapped in the Serpent Ward and Aegis dropped. But unfortunately, even though Newbee managed to win the clash, but with the remaining HP they had little hope of Aegis who was trapped in the Serpent Ward.

Invictus Gaming took the opportunity, and managed to wipe out Newbee. And Aegis was finally stolen. Intrigued by the video? just check out the snippet below.

And this incident also made Newbee have to be willing to lose in the second game and end the game with a score of 1-1.