[VIDEO] Wow, Mindblow really how to change this item from MATUMBAMAN

Seeing pro players playing is never bored. Lessons from pro players are sometimes important enough for improvement in game play. No exception to DOTA 2 where lots of pro players stream and show some skill and build items.

And twitch is one of the best portals for streams from pro players. One of them is MATUMBAMAN, who has a silly character in his stream. Even though it’s not as ridiculous as Sing Sing in the item build, last night how the action seemed last night seemed to make the viewers mind blown.

What happens is, MATU tries to disassamble the items and tries to remix the old items into new items to be used in the late game.

Any idea how MATU did it? Let’s take a look at the video below.

Wow, it seems that MATUMBAMAN already understands what items he made before, and what items he made afterwards. For some people, this may not be the case, because disassembling is one of the things that should be done in DOTA 2. However, mechanically like this, not everyone understands and understands its functions well.