Viral Boy Falls Inspired by Free Fire (FF)?

The behavior of small children, especially those exposed to the media, is quite free without supervision. Apparently there is a viral kid who jumps in inspired by Free Fire (FF). Himself jumped from the 2nd floor!

This had spread quickly and went viral on various social media. Starting from Instagram, Facebook, to Twitter. With this short video, you can see a small child jumping from a high place.

This boy in yellow clothes does look a little blurry. Because the existing videos are of low quality. This had shocked many people considering that he was still young.

It is not clear where this video is from, but many people assume how many people are in East Java. This is because the accent and accent used by these children is to use Javanese which is a bit harsh.

The caption given is also not clear where it came from. But yes this can be a lesson for many people too. Given that many negligent parents do not supervise their children.

Viral Boy Falls Inspired by Free Fire (FF)

Started viral for the first time from Facebook. Shared by Gunturyuliarianto’s Facebook account in the Lantas Sidoarjo group, this immediately gave mixed reactions from the community.

The reactions are also very mixed. Some were sorry, some laughed at this attitude they considered stupid. Initially, the yellow shirt wanted to jump on his own, but apparently he was pushed by his friend behind.

It is not clear what this child suffered when he fell from a high floor like this. Yes the estimate is definitely a serious injury considering the two floors are not short. This has become a lesson for many people.

Parents or other family members who have young children must be careful not to do stupid things like this. With the viral, the boy plunging inspired by Free Fire (FF) is definitely an important thing for the others.

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