Virtus Pro and Natus Vincere Secure Slots to Singapore Major!

The 2021 CIS DPC is almost over, after Natus Vincere and Virtus.Pro won five consecutive wins in the format round-robin The CIS DPC and therefore, cannot be eliminated from the competition for a place in the Singapore Major.

Both teams have ended their fourth week unbeaten, but both missed a game this Sunday, which for means that their goal of ending the League season on a clean sheet is out of the question.

Team Spirit is one of the teams that managed to steal a match from VP, even though in the end they lost to VP 2-1. They are considered to have played one of the most amazing matches during the 2021 CIS DPC.

Source: ESL Dota2

On games first there was a fierce match in which Team Spirit used a strategy spell amplification to beat the VP. Save- and friends also use strategy 3 core which does not require cooldown on their hero skills.

Team Spirit lost laning phase, but they carefully protect Morphling and Puck who are both using item Ethereal Blade, meanwhile core their third, Bloodseeker, instantly created Veil of Discord.

Their strategy also involves the Bloodstone that is on Puck and Rubick’s support which allows Team Spirit to comeback and matches up to 40 minutes and wins their crazy game where they almost never hold a gold advantage or they don’t have a single minute with control folder that excels.

In the end after a tense first match, VP again showed his fangs as the top of the CIS Dota 2 team. Another match pitted Natus Vincere against Gambit, which was recently signed by AS Monaco.

The match marked Vladimir’s debut.No.[o]ne“Minenko at the DPC, when he replaced Rostislav”fnLozovoi in the midlane, but sadly the first draw with his new team-mates wasn’t very successful.

Source: Natus Vincere

ASM.Gambit lost in the first game because of Viktor’s fast tempo. “GeneRaL“Nigrini in Beastmaster. However, they managed to equalize the score in the second game with a strong team fight mechanism and the untouchable Wraith King came from Kiyalbek Tayirov’s “dream”.

But despite its strong performance, ASM. Gambit looked somewhat flustered in the decisive match, where they didn’t have the answer to prevent the Phantom Lancer from getting Na’Vi.

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Although Natus Vincere and have secured tickets to the Singapore Major, the battle for third place at the 2021 CIS DPC is still open and the last two weeks will determine the fate of Team Spirit, AS Monaco Gambit, EXTREMUM and Unique, all having 2 wins and 3 defeats so far. this.

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Editor: Yubian Asfar