Virtus Pro Canceled the Intel Extreme Master XI Oakland

609-1478040054On their Facebook page, Virtus Pro announced they were not joining the Intel Extreme Master Oakland due to their busy schedule. As a replacement for the Danish team, Heroic who will replace their slot in IEM.

The matter regarding their participation was announced only a week before the tournament took place. IEM Oakland itself will take place on 16-20 November 2016 at the Oracle Arena. This decision was very difficult for Virtus Pro, given the warm welcome from their fans in America to them and the prize of $ 300,000 is not easy to miss. However, the preparations they had made seemed to be more focused on tournaments elsewhere. This is clearly seen from the statement by the manager of the Polish team, Roman Dvoryankin,

“Currently, our target is to get maximum results in ELEAGUE Season 2, because we are the defending champions. Therefore, the preparations we have made are more focused for the tournament which took place in Atlanta. “

Virtus Pro itself will play in the ELEAGUE Playoff as the winner of Group B. They managed to secure the position of group winner after defeating their enemy, Ninjas in Pajamas with a score of 16: 7.

The slot from Virtus Pro at IEM itself will be replaced by the Heroic team who are happy to fill the slot after they were disappointed to end up in 7-8 in European Minor.

Following is the division of the IEM Oakland group

Image source, Virtus Pro’s Facebook
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