Virtus Pro Showcases a New Logo with a Futuristic Concept!

After commemorating its 15th anniversary in early November 2018, officially announced an overhaul of its logo design. This logo was introduced on Thursday (15/11), and is scheduled to be used starting January 1, 2019. is a legendary esports organization that was founded in 2003. The team with the polar bear logo finally decided to change the team logo.

virtus pro logo
MegaFon collaboration with Source: Website

Their new logo has an aggressive bear base, but is made simpler without losing its aggressive impression through minimal curves.

In addition, the words “VIRTUS.PRO” have also disappeared from the new logo. Indicates that they want to make their new logo simpler, and cleaner.

Previously, has changed the color of its proud logo to green-purple. This logo change is intended to match the logo colors of their main sponsor, Megaphone.

MegaFon collaboration with Source: Website

Megafon itself is a giant telecommunications company from Russia. Apart from the logo, they also changed the color of their jersey. The jersey has been worn in large events such as The International 2018 and FACEIT London Major 2018.

“Fans all over the world know us by the white bear and the orange color. In this modern world, if you think red, you will always think Manchester United or Liverpool. “Golden Five” Source: ELEAGUE

If you think blue, you think Chelsea. Color is an element that must be maintained, “he said Roman Dvoryankin, General Manager of

In collaboration with a Russian design studio called Quberten, wants to update its logo to keep their regalia modern for the next 5 to 10 years.

new virtus pro logo

They present 3 versions of the logo. The first is their main logo. The bear in the logo has become a trademark of VP himself.

But the striking difference is that they remove the brand mark from the logo. Roman Dvoryankin from VP himself explains that the main reason is because everyone already knows about the name

“Most of the people who talk about us, they will call us VP. Same as EG for Evil Geniuses, and Na’Vi for Natus Vincere. We want to delete the inscription on our logo because everyone already knows us. “

Their second logo is the letter V with a scratch on the left. This logo still gives VP’s distinctive flavor, namely the bear.

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As for the third logo, it can be called their mini logo. According to Quberten, this logo can be used for applications that only require a small resolution.

The following are the winners for the 2018 Esports Awards!

Roman also revealed that this logo change has to do with their future. Slowly but surely, they will change’s brand identity to VP, followed by a jersey.

“We will gradually shift to refer to ourselves as” VP “rather than Think of Hewlett-Packard as it’s called, HP, ”he explained.

virtus pro at ti8 at ESL One Katowice 2018. Source: ESL

To date, VP has 4 team divisions in 4 different games, viz CS: GO, Dota 2, Fortnite and Paladins.

What do you think about this logo change, is it better or maybe you don’t like this simpler design?

But apart from the logo, let’s hope that with the change in the new face of VP, they will be able to achieve even more brilliant achievements in all its divisions. #GOGOVP

Edited by Yubian A. Huda