Visa, TNC and Execration Issues Threatened to Cancel Participating in The International 6

The US government refused the visas submitted by the TNC Pro and Execration Dota 2 teams, and asked both teams to apply for the athletic visas again, according to the twitter accounts of both teams. The process, which took several months, made the two teams threatened to cancel participating in the biggest Dota 2 annual tournament held by Valve.

According to Esports Inquirer, Valve gave advice to both TNC and Exercation teams to apply for a temporary B-1 / B-2 business visa to attend TI6, some teams have tried this method in previous events and tournaments. The US asked both teams to apply for a P-1 athletic visa.

Unfortunately, applications for a new visa can take two to three months to be approved by USCIS, while The International 6 will start in less than three weeks, meaning both teams are in danger of canceling attending the tournament. TNC itself managed to score e TI6 after winning the playoff bracket round of the SEA Regional Qualifiers, while Execration got a Wild Card slot in the tournament.

The owners of both teams gave a statement to the Esports Inquirer about their visa issues “It’s a very emotional issue for us, it is more difficult than qualifying” said Execration voter and Manager Arvin Risos. “Playing at The International has been the dream of our team since 2011, this problem really tests our patience”

TNC manager Paulo Sy looks more optimistic, saying that now might be a bad moment for the team in the short term, but the fact that the US accepts an athletic visa is good news for the world of esports as a whole.

“This is a dream for every Dota 2 player, not just our players, but for everyone.” Sy said “If you look at this problem is not entirely bad. This is a big development for the world of esports. Now, they are considering players like sports athletes, that’s why they need a P1 Visa “

In June, the White House responded to a petition signed by more than 100,000 Americans, asking esports players to get P-1 Athlete Visas. The fact that TNC and Execration were advised to apply for a P-1 visa marks the advancement of the world of esports.

Valve itself has often helped players and teams who experienced visa problems at IT before. Where the Natus Vincere player, Akbar “SoNNeikO” Butaev and Vega Squadron Semion player “CemaTheSlayer” Krivuly had visa problems. Valve is trying to approach the US government to speed up the process, and both players can certainly participate

The Internationa 6 will be held in Seattle from August 8-13.