Volva’s prediction, Caster MPL, about the team that will become champions in MPL Season 1 !!

After going through so many tight matches for three months, MPL Indonesia Season 1 leaving only eight teams that will return to fight in the round playoffs to determine who is the Indonesian team who won the MPL inaugural season.

Of course, the ten teams that take part in MPL Season 1 are the best teams that have been selected from the Online Qualfier. Of course, it is interesting to follow together whether the team that is often championed can become champions or if there is a dark horse team that wins.

For that I did an interview directly to Frans Volva Riyando or what he is known as Volva who is also one of the casters from MPL Season 1 via Facebook Messenger regarding his prediction about who will be the champion in MPL Season 1.

RRQ when winning the Pandawa Lima tournament
Source: RRQ Fanpage

Can not be denied Rex Regum Qeon.O2 who was ranked first in the group stage became the seed for the champion in MPL Season 1.

Very neat game, plus excellent individual skills hero pool which varies to be the advantage of Lemon and friends. The proof HOWE successfully played Natalia against Bigetron PK.

“Apart from that they are also feared by the entire MPL team because they also have the ability cover very good and ganking which is really purposeful “said Volva.

other than that EVOS Esports who is in second place also has the opportunity to win the MPL. ‚ÄúTheir individual abilities are superior to their 6 players, 5 players are core players and 1 pure tanker which is clearly recognized as one best tanker in the world“He said.

Not only that, the five other players also have high kill instincts with the difference KDA has managed to get over the years group stage. Evidently they are ranked first in KDA and a difference of 7 points from RRQ.

Roster E8 Critical Reborn at MPL

Elite8 Critical Reborn it can be said that a dark horse in the qualifying round considering that the players were not top players but managed to reach third place in the group stage.

“Honestly, I rarely hear Critical Reborn before the MPL, but unexpectedly they could be a very solid team in every match they went through. ” the word Volva regarding the team from Pontianak.

But again all the teams that qualify for the round playoffs have a chance to win. “We do not know what meta will favor which team, it all comes back to the individual and each team” said Volva.

Which team will win the MPL Season 1? Write your opinion in the comments … Look forward to the announcement date for the Grand Final of MPL Indonesia Season 1 at Facebook Fanpage Mobile Legends and on RevivalTV.

Edited by Jabez Elijah