Want to know more about NARA Esports? Watch the Latest Series of Corned Cans

Some of us may have heard the name Nara Esports, a team that is quite foreign to our ears actually has quite interesting facts in the domestic esports scene, starting from the selection of the team logo and the philosophy contained in the name, the meaning behind the name Nara Esports, and many more.

In the latest episode of the Kaleng Kornet series uploaded on the YouTube channel RevivalTV, the host all of us favorite is Fahmoy “Corned“Will explore some facts about the team with the eagle logo.

Curious? Let’s watch it together.

The first is regarding the eagle logo. Why the hawk and not the others? Nara chose the eagle logo because it symbolizes a king who flies independently and is able to penetrate the wind. Because of this philosophy, finally Nara Esports chose the eagle as their logo.

The second interesting fact comes from the recently held Bubu Esports Tournament, the Nara Esports women’s team, Nara Pixies, came out as the winner of the tournament. PUBG Mobile the women’s team. They achieved this achievement with only one point difference with the ONIC Ladies team where Nara Pixies achieved 104 points while ONIC Ladies won 103 points.

source: GGWP

Still about Bubu Esports Tournament and Nara Esports, before the championship started, the captain of the team reportedly experienced problems with the departure of the leader and was unable to continue the struggle with his team. As a result, they will have to find a new leader in the very near future.

Interested to hear the sequel? Make sure you watch the video above, huh.