Wargaming Brings Gajah Mada Ship to World of Warships!

Indonesian warships are ready to fight on the battlefield World of Warships. Wargaming chose Gajah Mada Ship to be included as one update who raised 10 warships from Pan Asia in their Free-to-Play game.

Taking place at EV Hive D.Lab, 10 November 2017, Wargaming held Media Gathering to announce update their newest. Hisashi Yaginuma, APAC Publishing Producer for World of Warships, said that the Pan warships are British, Soviet, American and Japanese ships in one technology network.

Media Gathering Wargaming

Apart from Gajah Mada, Wargaming will also bring in a number of warships belonging to Asian countries such as:

  • Fushun from China which is a Soviet-made project 7 class destroyer
  • Phra Space from Thailand which was previously named HMS Radiant
  • Chung Mu from South Korea who is actually the USS Erben Fletcher
  • Shenyang from Taiwan which is the US Gleaves class warship USS Macomb

For those who have never played this game, World of Warships is one of 15 free games released by Wargaming. Wargaming itself does seem like a hobby of removing war games from various lines of the armed forces.

We are sure that RevivalTV comrades must have heard of their most popular game which is named World of Tanks releases in 2010. Besides World of Tanks and World of Warships, Wargaming also has World of Warplanes.

A quite popular World of Tanks competition out there

On occasion Media Gathering That said, the question about esports competitions in Indonesia for Wargaming games was raised. But unfortunately, Wargaming has not been able to provide certainty about this. They just say, “anything can happen”.

In fact, it is actually competition World of Tanks in a number of countries it is quite active. Although indeed, apart from the eldest brother earlier, the competition was for World of Warships and World of Warplanes it is relatively quieter.

Wargaming itself also has a big league called the Wargaming League (WGL) which fights against the best teams in various regions, including APAC (Asia Pacific).

WGL 2015

Unfortunately, the competitions from Wargaming may not have sounded loud scene esports Indonesia. However, it seems that Wargaming itself seems to want to be more serious in working on the Indonesian market.

The reason is, the day after the Media Gathering, Wargaming also held a Player Gathering with 300 players in Indonesia.

To be honest, we would also be happier if Wargaming finally enlivened the Indonesian esports competition. The more competition, regardless of the game, the more prosperous the domestic esports ecosystem will be.

So, let’s just pray …