Watch MPL ID S7 with Diamond and Skin Legendary Prizes on Nimo TV

Mobile Legends Nimo TV – The biggest league of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang or MLBB for short, titled Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Indonesia Season 7 (MPL ID S7) will start again. The new history in MPL ID S7 will start on February 26, 2021 and will as usual be held for three days, from Friday to Sunday.

One way to watch a series of exciting matches on the MPL ID S7 is through the Nimo TV service. This is because Nimo TV is back official live-streaming platform for the highest national competition from Mobile Legends.

Nimo TV is back as the official live streaming platform for the MPL S7. 6 seasons have passed, the interest of MLBB fans that never goes out is really admirable.

Esports team fans are loyal to support and can’t wait to see their favorite team fight and win the MPL S7 throne. This indicates that the esports industry has not lost its love, but continues to grow. We are very proud to be a part of it. Let’s watch MPL S7 on Nimo TV!“Said Toby, PIC Nimo TV Indonesia.

Besides being able to watch your favorite teams compete, you can also find out about their daily preparations through Nimo TV because some of the professional players who compete on the MPL ID S7 are streamer on Nimo TV.

mobile legends nimo tv
Source: Nimo TV

Professional player too streamer Nimo TV, namely:

  • Alter Ego Esports: Ahmad, Leo Murphy, Caesius, Celiboy, YAM, Udil
  • Bigetron Alpha: RENBO, Kyy, DreamS, Branz, Rippo
  • EVOS Legends: Zeys, REKT, Rexxy, Wannn, Luminaire, Antimage, LJ
  • ONIC Esports: Drian, SANZ, Rasy, CW-, Butsss
  • RRQ Hoshi: Vynnn, R7, Lemon, Wizz, Alberttt, Psychoo

If you are curious about what is going on behind each match they will go through. Fans can also hear their outpouring exclusively on Nimo TV.

Watch MPL ID S7 on Nimo TV with the keyword “MPL ID” in the search field or CLICK HERE (

Nimo TV also held event MPL ID S7 prediction with prizes in the form of a number of Diamonds to Legendary Mobile Legends skins.

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In order to enliven the match, there was a Nobar event with Nimo TV streamers such as EVOS Earl, EVOS Funi, Doyok Is Real, BTR Razeboy and many more. There will be giveaway interesting things that fans of Mobile Legends have been waiting for.

Source: Nimo TV

For fans games Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, who want to watch the action and provide support to their esports team at MPL ID S7, can go through website nor applications mobile Nimo TV.

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