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Early 2018, the urban world looks full of hope but some dramas cannot be ignored. Drama aside, let’s see how one of the best and most favorite tournaments, Epicenter, returns this year. And they just released the video trailer.

This year, a little more names were added to their tournament. Which, the name Epicenter XL was chosen this time. With “XL” behind Epicenter, of course we are wondering what the meaning behind it is. Does this indicate that this tournament will be so big. Remember, this tournament is a Major scale tournament which will certainly be the most awaited one.

Team Liquid, 2x Epicenter champions in a row

And recently the organizer, Epic Esports Event, released a video trailer full of question marks. Presenting the curious side of the audience, this video presents a desert scene which according to some YouTube viewers is the result of a reference from the game Diablo 2 Act 2. But apart from that, there are a lot of clues that will likely show who the invited team is for this tournament.

Curious? You can check out the video below.

Confused? Or even understand some of the instructions in the video? Now, let’s guess which teams might be invited directly to this tournament. How to? Just check the latest posts from the Epicenter fanpage. Or if you are lazy, aka lazy to move, below is a post already. Immediately, let’s guess, who knows those of you who are lucky to get in-game gift items directly from the Epicenter.

Epicenter is indeed a tournament that we always look forward to. 2x they were held and 2x successful events were held with extraordinary splendor. No one doubts the quality of the committee.

Back to the starting point, talking about hope and drama, of course earlier this year the Captain Draft 4.0 tournament became a big hope by being present as one of the best tournaments throughout the 2017/2018 season running.

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However, the drama Galaxy Battles 2018, whose Major status was removed from the Dota Pro Circuit event, was no less warm. What is the policy of the Philippine government that wants to hold urine tests to prevent drugs from entering their country. You can read more about the problematic Galaxy Battles 2018, What is the fate of this Major?