We Are Optimistic That We Can Win StarLadder Minor

The development of BOOM ID especially for Dota 2 growing rapidly and always increasing from year to year.

Starting from dominating the local scene, he is currently participating in the second minor Dota Pro Circuit tournament, the StarLadder ImbaTV Minor, which is held in Kiev, Ukraine.

Source: BOOM.ID Fanpage

The development of the team that was nicknamed the Hungry Beast was inseparable from the players. One of them is Saieful “Fbz“Ilham, who previously played at Pandora Esports.

At that time Fbz replaced the position inYourdreaM who previously played as a midlaner.

There were many people doubted, but the young player silenced people’s doubts with achievements.

“Of course people have high hopes, especially when I replace IYD, but now it is more towards the team, not personal anymore,” he said during an interview regarding his story of joining BOOM ID.

FBZ Boomid is optimistic champion
Source: BOOM.ID Fanpage

In addition to winning the 2018 Indonesia Games Championship while defending the championship, he also brought BOOM ID to qualify for various events closed qualifer Dota Pro Circuit 2017/2018 event.

Some of the events that BOOM ID went through, such as EPICENTER XL, StarLadder Imba TV Invitational Season 5, MDL Changsha Major, and ESL One Birmingham.

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BOOM ID finally made a substitute by entering Rafli “Mikoto”Fathur Rahman, a former Alter Ego player and Fbz partner when he was at Pandora Esports.

FBZ Boomid is optimistic champion
Source: BOOM.ID

The entry of Mikoto made Fbz finally move role become an offlaner. “Of course it’s different in terms of heroes and game play when he became an offlaner. Besides that, now there are also more people making in-game call,“He said

Apart from getting a lot of experience and meeting against foreign teams, having the opportunity to compete against teams from Europe and America is also a valuable experience including Fbz, who is currently participating in StarLadder Minor.

“When compared to the Bucharest Minor, the opponents are not that different skill gap-his. For group stage We will do our best and the target is of course optimistic about becoming champions, “he said.

Fbz and comrades will fight against Gambit Esports in the opening match at StarLadder Minor.

Will BOOM ID be able to win the tournament? Come on, support their struggle! #IndonesiaBisa #HungryBeast

Editor: Yubian Asfar