West Ham United recruited Basset & Gold as part of esports sponsorship

Maybe most of the esports activists in Indonesia recognize the game of football. This conventional sport that is popular with many people is certainly not a strange thing, especially the Premier League team that carries famous names such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and West Ham United.

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Yup, West Ham United with its long history in conventional football seems to have transformed itself into the axis of esports power in England.

The reason is, Frank Lampard’s former club has signed a sponsorship agreement with an investment company, Basset & Gold.

Basset & Gold x West Ham United. Source: West Ham Website

West Ham United works closely with the company from both its sports team and its esports team.

The sponsor will also appear on the sleeve of the team’s jersey which will also be worn by West Ham’s esports athletes.

This collaboration is also the first time for West Ham’s esports field. As the development of esports has penetrated into conventional sports teams, Darren Brady, Vice-Chairman of West Ham United also highlighted this cooperation.

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“Our fans are there every step of the way we do and we want partners who understand and understand their work commitment issues.

Both parties are excited to be successful in the next season and we can’t wait to launch a great partnership for our fans. “

West Ham and Basset & Gold collaboration. Source: West Ham Website

In 2016, West Ham became the first Premier League team to announce its participation in esports. They started this step by bringing in players FIFA, Sean “DragonnAllen.

Dragoon who had defended West Ham United. Source: West Ham Website

Until now, West Ham already has two professional players FIFA with rooster, Jamie “Jamboo“Rigden and Danny”dannytaylor“Taylor.

Underlining that no Premier League club is willing to expand the esports market FIFA them apart from West Ham United.

Despite this, Basset & Gold hasn’t announced its role in the esports field yet, however brand The investment with the lion logo is likely to try to tap into the potential of the esports industry.

Danny and Jamboo. Source: West Ham Website

All over Europe, soccer teams have started cooperation in the sports field. German teams like VfL Wolfsburg have been working with Vodafone, a telecommunications company which also sponsors mousesports.

FC Koln itself collaborates with the esports organization, SK Gaming, which requires professional players FIFAhe wore a jersey from FC Koln.

Jamboo Interview. Source: West Ham Website

Esports is also able to reap profits through its tournaments, and of course the participation of the club also brings the name of the team that is able to indirectly market the conventional sports brand.