What do Melondoto, Velajave, and Oddie think about Dota Plus?

It has been more than a month since Dota Plus has accompanied the lovers Dota 2 around the world. The responses given by the players were unique and varied, both positive and negative. In the previous article about Dota Plus, we also know the comments regarding the replacement feature Battle Pass this from Captain Liong and Khezcute.


Talking about new features Dota of course it will not be separated from the opinions of the people caster, because they play a very big role in the “urban” world. Come on, let’s see interview us with a few caster whose name is familiar, namely Gisma “Melondoto” Priayudha, Veronica “Velajave” Fortuna and Vinzent “Oddie” Indra.

How do you think about this Dota Plus feature?

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The king tole that is Melon argued that prior to Dota Plus, it was usually para player learn from guide in the community. Well, Dota Plus is a form guide the community that has been transformed becomes more practical. In terms of item, skill, networth, statistics last-hit and many more.

Unlike the case with guide community, Dota Plus also offers cool features such as medal for each hero.“Not again medal near the HP bar, it can beshow to all team. Let’s say medal it is useful to (measure) how good we are (mainin quest-his). Lastly, if medalbig means good at hero the. Ha ha ha..”

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Quest also prizes set and others. If I personally don’t chase it, buy (Dota Plus) to run prestige. ” Melon jokes.

He concluded, “If you look at it project Like this, it is also necessary for those who are just playing Dota, just look at the future. Moreover, already close to TI (The International). Still curious about what Dota Plus can do with Valve. “

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Velajave or more familiarly called Vela This admits that he is very happy with the presence of Dota Plus. “As a person I really like Dota, I am very happy with Dota Plus. Suggestionher though toxic sometimes, but it helps a lot in the playing process too! ”

One of the “toxic” suggestions from Dota Plus that someone shared on Reddit.

Vela is also very fond items that can be obtained from completing quest. The bonus that he gets from accumulating points is something special for him. Indeed, one of the most reasons player interested in Dota Plus is because of various kinds set unique that can be obtained.

“It’s just the same as like compendium but our system monthly, or straight away subscribe which is old!” he added.

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The response from Oddie slightly different from the two. According to him, this Dota Plus feature is a feature that tries to help player new to be able to more quickly understand how to play Dota.

Apart from the strengths of Dota Plus that Melon and Vela have explained, Oddie explains the drawbacks. “But because this feature is a subscription that must be paid, not all player new can invest for games which is not certain they will play for a month. “

In your opinion, which one is more worth it; renew every 1 month or immediately buy 6 months / 1 year?

Melon recommends what he has bought, which is a year. The major and minor calendars can be seen on Liquipedia, so who knows who knows what surprises await at Dota Plus for that. “Minor / major, it’s already full this year,” he said by adding a laugh emoji.

Upcoming major schedule. For a more complete schedule and minor schedule you can see on liquipedia.

Vela differentiates it in terms of playing time. “It’s better in the long term for those who play hard, and if you rarely play it, you can buy it (one month) if you play a lot that month.” But he still recommends the long-term one, because according to him Dota players who rarely play even play at least twice a week.

Sniper’s cool set that you can get from completing quests in Dota Plus.

Oddie himself has conducted an experiment first in 1 month, to find out the quality of this feature. For the long term, he also discussed prices. “But for collectors and because Valve has promised that Dota Plus will continue to beupdate with features and cosmetic (item) otherwise, there is no loss to immediately buy 6 months after discount given.”

Do you agree if Valve has a free Dota Plus membership trial for a few days?

Comments from Theeban Siva, a Dota 2 professional who also supports this.

A contra opinion came from Melon. “Not really, there will be a lot newbie players manager quest I have no intention of winning, “he said. Honestly, are you annoyed at the type of player Melon mentioned?

Vela and Oddie even strongly agree with this. “Hmmm, the free trial really agrees so that people who don’t know what it feels like or the difference between using Dota Plus can experience it. Who knows after all that I even want to buy it, right? ” said Vela. Vela also said that a suitable duration for a free trial is 4 to 7 days.

“Totally agree, because this feature can help player new to make it easier for them to learn games this.” said Oddie.

Will the presence of Dota Plus change Dota’s learning sites such as Gameleap, Pvgna, etc.?

Melon emphasized that it all depends on each person player. “Guide (Dota Plus) is more in the ‘please read’ direction for a while Gameleap show me videos as well as practical and proven tricks. “

“If player buy but lazy to read, lazy to find out, it’s the same bae, “He added. Wow, it turns out that Dota Plus can also increase reading interest from player Dota.

What Vela said was not much different from Melon. “For a learning site, it shouldn’t be. Because the name is learning, people have different methods! There are people who learn from watching movies YouTube, some see the website, some are of various kinds. That shouldn’t matter. “

One example of a website that you can use to learn about Dota.

Oddie also said more or less the same thing. “No, the sites mentioned provide more in-depth about games Dota itself for those who want to learn further. Meanwhile, Dota Plus is here to make the transition easier player new.”

Is Dota Plus a recommended maccording to you?

Recommended, if the hour (duration) of playing Dota is long enough, you don’t have to. ” – Melon

“In my opinion, recommendedits for those of you who are diligent in playing. Those who don’t (play diligently) may lose, huh? The problem is yes benefit“It’s a lot (from Dota Plus) if we play a lot .. hahahhaa” – Vela

“It depends on each person, for those who really want to learn and like challenges in Dota, this feature is recommended. But for those who are more inclined towards fun unnecessary because there are too many challenge given and those people will not fully use Dota Plus’ features ”- Oddie

Here comes some responses caster Indonesia regarding the presence of Dota Plus. Are you interested in buying it after reading this article? Or do you already have? Don’t forget to give your feedback in the comments column, OK! 😀

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