What is the key to EVOS ‘victory in M1 Mobile Legends?

The M1 World Championship 2019 has ended and has crowned EVOS Legends as the champion with a fantastic score. Previously, Indonesia succeeded in building a positive trend by presenting the All-Indonesian Final at the MSC 2019 event (19-23 June 2019) with ONIC as the champion.


Then, history repeated itself with the presence of the All-Indonesian Finals between RRQ and EVOS Legends at Axiata Arena, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The grand Mobile Legends: Bang Bang event entitled M1 World Championship is the first time as well as the initial milestone for the game world event made by Moonton. A total of 16 teams from 14 countries competed for the total prize pool of $ 250,000 at this event.

Even though it was over, the M1 event still invited many special moments, especially since the brilliant results of EVOS Esports (Legends) were shown from the MPL ID Regular Season 4 to the M1 World Grand Final in Malaysia. In the MPL ID S4 Regular Season, EVOS made 11 wins and 3 losses. In the MPL Playoffs, Oura and his friends continued to look fierce in front of the thousands of people who packed Tennis Indoor Senayan and successfully won against RRQ with a score of 3-1 in the final.

In the M1 World Championship, EVOS also defeated RRQ in the final, but it was marked by a sweet comeback which successfully brought the white tiger fleet to two titles: the best MLBB team in Indonesia and also in the world. How could it not, even though EVOS was behind 3-1, RRQ who only got 1 victory remaining had to swallow the bitter pill with 3 times successive defeats.


What’s the secret? How does the team keep the rhythm of the match neat and aggressive? What methods and evaluations did the team management bring to bring EVOS to its peak? Ade Setiawan Pamungkas as Data Analyst for Mobile Legends from EVOS Esports also gave his opinion. “Before facing M1, of course we have prepared several strategies and exercises that are more optimal than before. Because the opponents we faced in M1 at that time were opponents from countries whose strategy and gameplay were unknown because there were some of them who lacked videos to review together. ”

There are indeed new names in the middle of the busy M1 stage, let’s call it the Japanese representative of 10seconds Gaming Plus who has successfully provided significant resistance. As well as representatives of the Philippines who appear less than optimal even though they have an advanced Mobile Legends esports ecosystem. Talking about the team and opponents in M1, does EVOS Legends anticipate a team that is considered difficult to beat? “When asked who the most difficult opponents are, it must be ourselves, hahaha. In our opinion, all those who made it to the M1 qualification were strong teams.

Maybe it’s not difficult, yes, it’s more in a unique direction and we can see from the team’s gameplay, for example 10s Gaming Plus from Japan. Plus, they are a team that has just been seen and is able to beat some of the favorite teams in M1, “concluded Ade.

The grand final match also presents an almost impossible comeback with a score of 4-3 for the victory of Donkey and his friends after being behind 1-3. So, what is the strategy that has been implemented by EVOS to be able to overtake the score against RRQ? “The key to EVOS comeback is from Harith, hahaha. But, behind all that the most important role is their enthusiasm, believing in the coach and team-mates that teamwork and good communication can turn things around. ”

Rekt also said that when the score was 1-3, “just enjoy it, just play the game, you can rank, there is still a chance”. Then we from management also reminded us that we all believe in them. The support from the fans at that time seemed to be a mental boost for the EVOS team. ”


Harith appeared at the beginning of EVOS ‘comeback, namely in the 5th game. Wann also contributed the biggest damage dealt with Harith, and since then RRQ has continued to ban Harith and fixated on Wann and Rekt’s hero picks instead of focusing on the game. Offending Rekt, the captain of EVOS Esports. Ade also praised Gustian’s important role in controlling the emotions and tempo of the entire EVOS team. “There are many roles. What needs to be underlined is the captain, Rekt.

A very professional figure and can be both a calm and a reminder if the team experiences errors in strategy and gameplay. ” Apart from being the spearhead, Rekt was also assigned another task, namely to regulate the rhythm and the course of the strategy. Of course it’s not easy, but once again Rekt proves that nothing is impossible as long as the game is not over. “There seems to be no player anticipation. All players are the same, have their own advantages and disadvantages. We also respect them all so they can play freely and there is no burden without having to think about which players need to be anticipated, ”concluded Ade at the end of the interview session.

The dominance of Indonesian teams this time made Moonton put Indonesia as the host of the M2 event next year. Is EVOS able to defend two titles at the same time in MPL ID

S5 and M2? Can the dominance of Southeast Asian teams be broken by other regions like the 10s Gaming Plus surprise? Or, turn to the new names that will shine at the upcoming M2 2020 event?