What is the Update Size for February 4, 2021, Free Fire (FF) after finishing maintenance?

What is the size update for February 2021 Free Fire (FF) after finishing maintenance? By knowing this, you can free up space on your smartphone.

This maintenance free fire is over, players can update their free fire (FF) application. You have felt the maintenance until 18.00 WIB, therefore, update the application immediately.

Well, you can immediately update right now to play free fire. Update the APK on the google playstore to prepare the system and features that come with a total of 20 OB26 patch updates in February 2021. So, don’t forget to update now.

But, what is the detail size of the February 2021 update of the Free Fire (FF) patch with this Cobra background?

What is the Update Size for Free Fire (FF) Maintenance Patch for February 2021?

If you update at 15.00 WIB to 16.00 WIB the size is only 300MB. So, you have to prepare your storage to get more space on your smartphone.

One of the reasons for not being able to log in free fire (FF) is full storage and results in free fire not being able to run properly. Make sure your smartphone is sufficient for this.

Size Detail Free Fire Patch Cobra February 2021

  1. Version: 1.59.3
  2. Update Size: 364-400 MB
  3. Latest Update: February 4, 2021

Latest Features on February 2021 Patch

  1. Clash Squad Season 5 – Starts 5/2 4:00 pm gmt + 7.
  2. Classic Mode Update (Battle Royale):
  3. War Chest for looting is now available.
  4. Revival Points available. (Casual Mode Only)
  5. Revival Card available. (Casual Mode Only)
  6. New Training Grounds – Batou
  7. New Item: Fancy Hammer
  8. New Item: Giant Dice
  9. Map and Zone Adjustments
  10. New Weapon – MAG-7
  11. Dynamic Duo system available 9/2!
  12. Look Around is available.
  13. In-game Radio Command is available.

Well, after you update the free fire (FF) APK on this February 2021 patch. You have to download the existing data again.

You have to download 200 MB of game data when playing free fire later. So, in total, you need around 600MB more for this free fire update.

Well, that’s all about the size update in February 2021, free fire, which you can update right now to play with your friends.