What’s on Patch 7.00 DOTA 2?

Finally, after 5 years of sticking with the 6.xx patch, Valve officially announced the 7.00 patch for the Boston Major yesterday. And now we can see what’s present in the new patch later. Besides Monkey King, we will also see a lot of new things later. And the most striking is gameplay. So, for those who want to know more, listen to the end.


Monkey King, finally came to the battlefield. He came with a lot of things about the Monkey King. Like Terrain, Arcana, and Announcer Pack. Oh don’t forget, there are two comics that Valve made about this new hero, “A New Journey” and “Legends of the Monkey King.”



The DOTA 2 HUD has also changed drastically. Simpler, more able to make us focus in one point only. With this change in HUD too, it will slightly change the HUD that we usually use. however, we can still use the HUD that we have with a few tweaks later.



The period before the game started was crucial. Well, Valve tried to make Pregame so an important point for the success of the team to win. Display of the moment pick phase with several new features allowing you to better customize what the team needs. Also there strategy phase where we are given 30 seconds to prepare items and strategies before the game starts. So, when we enter the game, we don’t need to be afraid of being left behind first blood.




DOTA 2 changes quite a lot here. Starting from what we call Talent which will be present at every level 10/15/20/25. Talent will make our hero even more usefull in the battle because we can direct the hero according to the direction of the game. Ultimate has also changed its position, from 6/11/16 to 6/12/18. Introducing too Backpack, a new option where each hero has three slots for items but only a place where the item is stored without getting the function of the item. Items from Backpack can be exchanged with items in the Inventory at any time, as long as they don’t cooldown. The change in the map, which is most noticeable is how Roshan now has a smaller house and a more balanced place than before plus Roshan who is getting louder than before. There’s also the Shrine, an activated building that can regenerate HP and MP for 500 radius. Runes are also different as before, where bounty runes is no longer one of the power ups. And many other things have changed in gameplay 7.00.



Viper is fiercer, Slardar is getting fiercer, and Enigma is getting more six pack. Also bots that can now be developed by developers, as well as Showcase View which is more improved than before. Also the little things like the clouds, the wind hitting the trees, and the livelier grass make DOTA 2 much more interesting than ever.

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So, for those of you who want to know more about the 7.00 patch update, you can immediately read everything at http://dota2.com/700

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