When will MPL ID Season 7 start? Moonton Ensures This Date!

When will the MPL ID Season 7 take place or start, Moonton make sure the date this event starts!

After rumors were circulating about the implementation of the MPL ID Season 7 event, now Moonton has confirmed that February 26, 2021 is the start date of the event MLBB the highest in Indonesia.

Moonton gave this assurance directly to the public through MPL Indonesia’s Instagram Story which mentioned the words “Coming Soon” and “MPL ID Season 7”.

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mpl season 7 when
photo via ig story mpl id

As well as tagging the Instagram accounts of 8 MPL Indonesia teams along with the date for the most anticipated tournament.

But unfortunately that is all Moonton officially announces to all of us, which means that the addition of participating teams, prizes, and so on is still a question mark.

They still haven’t announced this and force us as loyal fans Mobile Legends in Indonesia waiting until they officially announce the next announcement.

But what’s important is that we know the exact date the MPL ID Season 7 starts and that’s when we have to support our respective support teams.

There is a giveaway contest with a prize of 1 million rupiah in game vouchers in the application!

How excited will it be, how exciting it will be, how epic the highest tournament will be Mobile Legends in Indonesia it took place.

Additional information The team that successfully won the MPL ID S6 was RRQ, is RRQ the champion again in MPL S7 or is there a new champion?

So, spinners are clear when the MPL ID Season 7 starts!

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