When will the Argus Mobile Legends (ML) Update Revamp be Released?

Most of you still have questions regarding when to update the Argus revamp Mobile Legends (ML) officially released to the original server? This is the answer.

Argus will get a fairly large or significant revamp in the next few days or certainly early March 2021.

Where the revamp comes is of course along with major updates Mobile Legends which will attend to the original server.

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Then when is the exact date of the argus revamp MLBB was this released by Moonton? As well as what revamps did Moonton do to Argus and what updates besides this argument will come later?

Argus Revamp Release Date

argus revamp 2020 ml

For when will the Argus revamp release date come to the original MLBB server? March 11 or 16, 2021. The date is according to leaks circulating on social media accounts for the MLBB Indonesia community.

Later, between the two dates, Argus revamp will officially come along with several major updates to Mobile Legends, nerf, buff heroes and many others.

There is a giveaway contest with a prize of 1 million rupiah in game vouchers in the application!

Argus itself is predicted to enter the game meta very easily in the 2021 revamp.

His passivity now makes this veteran hero OP and able to adapt to the current meta game.

A little explanation for the Argus Revamp

For those of you who are confused or don’t know what revamps Moonton has applied to the Argus Revamp this time, you can see the article below.

Explanation of all the Revamp Skill Argus Mobile Legends (ML)

Then for any updates that will come along with this Argus revamp is very much. One of them is the dyrroth buff, alpha, silvanna, nerf woman, and so on.

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