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Which Hero Mobile Legends Is Right For Esmeralda Counter? Previously, one of the most popular moba games in Indonesia, Mobile Legends, is still a favorite game played by many people from all corners of Indonesia. This game has the moba genre which has the same concept as the moba game in general, namely destroying the opponent’s turret and defending the turret itself.

Perhaps the advantages possessed by Mobile Legends have made it a popular game in Indonesia because the gameplay is very friendly and easy to play by many people. Yep, it’s true that Mobile Legends has a gameplay that is much easier to play than other MOBA genre games.

Then for the characters or heroes in it there are very many and varied at the same time all of these heroes have different roles.

source: Mobile Legends – GCube.id

Perhaps the most important role in playing Mobile Legends is the mage role, and one of the heroes that players rely on is Esmeralda. This hero is a hero who often plays in the midlaner position, and about the ability of this hero, there is no need to doubt because he can destroy any thick armor very easily.

But Moonton certainly has Esmeralda’s natural counter heroes like Karrie, Helcurt, Kimmy and others. But what if the three natural hero counters of Esmeralda are banned? So what hero will you choose?

The correct answer is all heroes who do not have additional armor! Why do we say that, because the additional armor will be useless against Esmeralda, and in the meantime for the choice of heroes, actually everything is the same as OP as long as you play patiently and carefully against this Esmeralda.

For example, all marksman like Claude, Bruno, Granger can beat Esmeralda very easily if you have much higher exp and gold than him plus your teammates all play together. Then for heroes who have long enough crowd control or stunnan it is also highly recommended to fight Esmeralda so that she can’t issue her skills at all.

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