Who Said Mobile Legends Not Esports? MPL This is the Proof!

Do not feel Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Indonesia Season 1 it’s almost over. The most prestigious league for competitive events Mobile Legends There is only one final stage left, the Playoffs, which will be held on June March 30 – April 1, 2018.

MPL Indonesia Season 1 actually has three stages, namely the Online Qualifier, Regular Season, and Playoff stages, all of which are worked on by RevivaLTV as sang organizer-his.

To be honest, this MPL is indeed our most ambitious project to date. For this reason, let us share our stories and pride in working on MPL in this article.

Online Qualifier

At first glance, this stage may indeed sound like what many do Event Organizer (EO) Esports. However, we are quite proud because at this stage we managed to compete 2048 teams from all over Indonesia; with a total of more than 8000 teams registered.

This number may actually be commonly found in online qualifier other tournaments. However, this number is more often found in regional class tournaments, for example Southeast Asia – not for one country.

There were no obstacles, let alone drama, even though there were more than 10K players participating here because we had already finalized the concepts and rules of the game beforehand.

In MPL Indonesia Season 1, there is no such thing as a Direct Invite system.

Why is even this stage so important to us?

Because we really want every team that passes this stage to have the right to claim that they are the best in all of Indonesia. We want to give our highest pride and appreciation to the players who have fought so hard.

Oh yes, we were also the ones holding press conferences and sending press releases to media crews, even since MPL Indonesia was officially announced.

We also work on every press conference and deliver the best possible releases because we know very well that we cannot be alone.

We know we need other media (although many are actually competitors due to fellow esports media) to help us publish the results of the team and players’ efforts in pursuing their ambition to become champions.

Regular Season

This is the longest stage of the MPL Indonesia Season 1 because it lasts for 7 weeks (8 weeks in fact when calculating the break period).

At this stage, we manage to hold face-to-face matches (in our office) every weekend and we are also in charge of broadcasting this tournament (live stream) all of which can be seen again on the Facebook Fanpage of Mobile Legends Indonesia.

One of the statistics for MPL Indonesia that we created

In the matter of broadcast live stream, We also do our best from the many features of esports shows to provide the best experience for esports fans. You can see a number screenshots which we’ve included in this article.

In this Regular Season round, we also record match statistics throughout the season and display some of the statistical results live (real time) like the MVP for each match.

We also make videos highlights the best games per team and some videos spotlight player at this stage.

From the side of the article, we also create a match summary article every day at RevivaLTV.id and write a recap of matches each week as a release to be sent to various other media.


We also create team profile articles for all teams competing in the Regular Season.

The Regular Season ends and the Playoff round will be held soon.

However, we did not stop to continue the incessant publication. From the video side, we made content on the journey of each team that made it to the MPL Finals. All videos are displayed on Facebook Fanpage of Mobile Legends Indonesia.

Meanwhile, in terms of articles, we also invite MPL casters to provide their analysis of each team competing in the event playoffs. Plus one more article of the para version of the All Star / Dream Team caster MPL.

Why do we invite the people caster? Due to the fact, they are no less important in the fertility of the esports ecosystem. They too, in all likelihood, have insight more in depth about the styles of play of the players and the team.


RevivaLTV’s Ambitions and Dreams

Ahmad Syahndy AKA Senz Houston, CEO of RevivaLTV indeed, from the start, it had a mission to advance the esports ecosystem in Indonesia. “In fact, Mobile Legends plays a major role in the success of the country’s esports ecosystem. And, mobile games will also play an equally important role as PC games for the future of all of us esports, “said Senz.

Therefore, we are indeed working on this MPL Indonesia Season 1 wholeheartedly from the EO side because we want to provide a decent and elegant competitive space for competing esports teams and organizations, as a form of our appreciation for their hard work.

Meanwhile, from the publication / media side, we would like to call on all of our friends for their achievements and raise the names of esports players for their respective roles to the general public, as widely as possible.

At the same time, for Indonesian esports fans and lovers, we want to provide meaningful entertainment to be enjoyed together.

Finally, our responsibility for MPL Indonesia Season 1 doesn’t end here. There is still 1 more stage that will be our toughest task, namely the Playoff round which will be held at Taman Anggrek Mall, 30 March – 1 April 2018.

So, will we succeed in ending this project with meaningful excitement for esports players or fans?

For esports players and fans, please support us by coming and enlivening this peak event later!