Why Chinese Dota Got Bad Results, Here’s Xiao8’s Opinion

Region China was so powerful at The International 2017. How could they not, even though they did not win TI, the second to fourth ranks were filled by a team from China. Unfortunately after that, they seemed to decline and were unable to compete with region Europe.

Zhang “Xiao8“Ning gave his opinion regarding the unsatisfactory results of the Chinese Dota 2 team in international tournaments, especially for the Dota Pro Circuit tournament.

The following is an explanation that has been translated by Yunnypuff on Reddit:

“My analysis is about why Dota 2 China has had bad results lately:

  • Player of the team tier 1 has a bad trait – a lazy work ethic. They only practice seriously when there is a tournament major or are losing (There are also teams that lack a combination of players and they don’t include / invest in young players who have high potential and are highly motivated.
  • Player from tier 2 are generally hardworking but have personnel issues (translator’s note: I’m translating it could be due to a lack of depth of cast however xiao8 could also mention the lack of support staff (coach / analyst). They also have less chance of training with good opponents thus lowering their chances of competing in tournaments and earning results
  • For the team tier 2 and tier 3 cannot compete at all. The players only receive a fee.

These words describe how I feel about seeing Dota in China after retiring. I hope that in the future Chinese Dota can improve and become stronger. I have a family and have children.

I can play Dota a little bit and spend time with my family and live a fulfilling life. I’m excited about Dota but I don’t have the energy as a professional anymore. Dota is not dead, I hope Dota gets better every day. “


So far there are only four teams from the China region that have earned points from the Dota Pro Circuit. They are LGD Gaming, LGD.FY, Vici Gaming, and Newbee. Currently only Newbee who entered the top 8 with a total of 1035 points.

other than that region China only won one tournament namely the Perfect World Masters which was won by Newbee. But when compared to Europe, they were nothing. Region Europe currently has a total of 7020 points and three of them are currently in the top 8 of the Dota Pro Circuit.

Do you agree with the words of one of the Dota 2 legends?

Edited by Jabez Elijah