Will Release Game Exodus Garena and Tencent Titled Undawn!

Garena and Tencent as we know are 2 Battle Royale game developers who are very famous lately with their games.

PUBG Mobile and Free Fire are both games that are competing to become the world’s favorite battle royale game, and have been released for a long time.

Who would have thought that the two companies were making a game project that seemed to be a very exciting game, Spinners!

The game is named Undawn, which is a game that has a theme Zombie Survival Game, curious? Let’s see the information!

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Undawn, Garena and Tencent’s Zombie Survival Game!

Source: Garena

We can see that Garena is trying to put a new game in list those that are titled Undawn. Garena himself has created an Instagram account for this game.

This game is a Third Person Shooter game with Cross Platform features for mobile and PC. More interestingly, this game will be made by Tencent’s Lightspeed and Quantum Studios which is the developer of PUBG Mobile.

Undawn promises a lot of interesting features in it, starting from the PvP mode and also PvE which will be available. Players can explore the Undawn world that has been provided, gathering materials to survive a large zombie attack.

There is a giveaway contest with a prize of 1 million rupiah in game vouchers in the application!

You can also together with your friends help each other to be able to fight all the zombies that will attack.

Based on the pictures on their official website, it is likely that the setting of this game will be in the forest as well as in the middle of a city. There will also appear certain types of zombies that have different forms.

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For Android users, you can pre-register to try the Pre-Alpha version of the Undawn game which will be released at the end of April at Official website they.

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