Willian “Kr0” Adinata replaces Frostmisty’s position in the Recca Esports Team

On Monday (10/12/18), the Indonesian esports organization, Recca Esports announced the change of one of its players from the division. CS: GO.

That player is Albert “FrostmistyGiovanni who backed off rooster Recca, and will be replaced by former XCN player, William “Kr0“Adinata.

Former XcN player, kro, will replace Frostmisty. Source: Recca

Frostmisty itself has been a part of Recca Esports since mid-November 2016 along with 3 other players.

The players are Great “Sys“Frianto, Hansel”BnTeT“Ferdinand, and Egil”roseau“Baskoro, plus the player who was at Recca earlier, Kevin”xccurate“Susanto

roseau, Sys, Nextwins, Recca, xccurate, Frostmisty, BnTeT. Source: Recca

In his journey with Recca Esports, Frostmisty helped this team win several international events, such as ESEA Season 24, BeyondGodlike SEA CS: GO League – Season 1, Razer Rising Stars Season 1, and the prestigious ZEN Esports Network League 2017 tournament.

Source: ESL

Indeed, this year, Recca Esports has not shone in the international arena. However, until this month, they have topped the standings in the IESPL TBOF event.

In addition, this will be the first time in 4 years that Sys, Roseau, and Frostmisty have not teamed up anymore. Previously they had been together since they were at TEAMnxl> although Sys took some time off break from the competitive realm for several months.

Source: KotakGame

And in the future, Recca Esports will use William “Kr0“Adinata as their fifth player.

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At first glance, Kr0 was previously a professional player who strengthened the XCN team. However, some time ago, the three XCN players decided to resign from the team, leaving Adrian behind “AdrnkiNg” Setiawan.

In his career, he had joined to strengthen the AKARA team, as well as won the ROG Masters Indonesia 2017 by defeating the Recca Esports team in the final round.

“Hopefully the presence of Kr0 can strengthen the division CS: GO us and make new history, “said Recca Esports through its official Facebook page.

“Do not forget to thank Frostmisty who has fought for us for the past 2 years, the joys and sorrows that have been passed will always be remembered forever. Farewell Frostmisty and Welcome Kr0! “


Recca Esports is known to be making its first debut with Kr0 at the IESPL TBOF event CS: GO to come. It would be interesting if Recca could issue new surprises with one of these aimstar The XCN.

Once again, happy new journey for Frostmisty and Kro. Will Frostmisty strengthen other teams or will he choose a hiatus from this realm? Let’s wish Frostmisty and Kr0 all the best in the future!

Source: Recca

With this, roster CS: GO of Recca Esports currently are as follows:

  • Great “Sys“Frianto
  • William “Kro“Adinata
  • Egil “roseau“Baskoro Dwi Putra
  • Nanda “Asterisk“Rizana
  • Kevin “EeyoreGunawan

Edited by Yubian A. Huda