Wings Gaming Officially Quits Their Organization

This news was actually predictable when this morning the editorial team gave an article about the DOTA 2 patch update, where on the Compendium tab in Winter Battle Pass 2017 Wings Gaming suddenly changed its name to Team Random.

This raises the question, what’s up with this team? And it was true, they decided to leave the organization. This announcement first came out on their Weibo account. However, in the announcement, it was not clearly explained what was the background of this decision.

Last year, this team won first place for The Summit 5, as well as the Northern Arena BEAT Invitational. Even the highest supremacy for DOTA 2, namely The International, they also won by becoming champions.

But they seem to have difficulty adapting to the new patch, where in the Boston Major they were only able to be in positions 9-16, then 9-12 at the last DAC. And the best performance was only 3-4 at ESL One Genting early last year.

Will the new name bring them other luck in the future?