Winning hands down! J Team Successfully Became Champion of the 2018 AoV International Championship

Not felt for almost a month the fans Arena of Valor presented an international class match, namely the AoV International Championship (AIC 2018).

As many as 16 teams from different countries from various parts of the world are fighting for the title of the 2018 AIC champion as well as a total prize of US $ 600 thousand (around Rp.8.7 billion).

The grand competition was held in two countries, namely Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam for the phase knock-out and Bangkok, Thailand for the group stage and playoffs.

sesasli good aic 2018
Source: Garena

Indonesia, represented by SES.Asli Enak, had to be eliminated early after having to settle for being in the last position of the group. At that time they had to acknowledge the excellence of Alpha Red which represented Thailand and Allegiance which represented the North American region.

Finally, after going through a long battle, J.Team, who was the representative of South Korea, managed to become the champion after defeating his opponent, Team Flash from Vietnam with a landslide score of 4-0.

J Team’s struggle was smooth considering that they immediately qualified for the group stage. They managed to top the group and have the right to qualify for the playoffs.

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Yuzon and his friends managed to qualify for the next round after defeating the Toyota Diamond Cobra from Thailand with a score of 3-1.

During the semifinals, they again met Alpha Red, who had previously fought during the group stage. A fierce battle ensued but finally J Team had the right to qualify for the next round after beating them 3-2.

Source: Garena AOV

In the final upper bracket, they meet with Team Flash who previously defeated ahq e-Sports Club, the giant AoV from South Korea with a score of 3-1.

But surprisingly, they had to be defeated by a 0-3 score that made them drop to lower bracket.

Reuniting with Ahq again seemed to make a reunion moment happen again. While at AWC 2018, Ahq who represented South Korea successfully defeated J Team representing Chinese Taipei with a total score of 3-0.

But the J Team was able to rise from the downturn in the previous fight by successfully slaughtering Ahq with a 3-0 score.

Source: Liquipedia AoV

The meeting again with Team Flash occurred again when they entered the grand final. The duel which was predicted to be exciting finally ended anticlimax with the J Team’s landslide victory with a net score of 4-0. This result led them to take home a prize of US $ 250 thousand (Rp3,625 billion).

Adji “Sven“Who is also an Indonesian caster for AIC 2018, admits that J Team is a truly world-class team. “They are not unexpectedly able to win with a net score.

At the last meeting in the GCS final against ahq, they had to lose 2-4 and were rewarded with a 3-0 score and finally won a landslide victory in the grand final with a score of 4-0.

Source: Garena AOV

‚ÄúPreviously they lost badly against Team Flash. But here they prove despite falling into lower bracket and slaughtered out, they can reverse even massacre with a sadistic score. So back to what I said, they are indeed a world class team, “he said.

He also gave some suggestions for the Indonesian team which would later become representatives for tournaments AoV forward. “Of course the Indonesian team must train harder and explore themselves to the limit.

Besides studying gameplay from countries that are the mecca AoV like Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam, must also understand their language. Because according to the confession of one of the SES players, the barrier is also very influential, “he said.

SES.Asli Enak must be satisfied with their achievements at AIC 2018, but their failure is expected to be a motivation for them and other Indonesian teams.

Come on, continue to support the struggle of Indonesian representatives in the international arena. Hopefully Indonesia will be able to lead the development of world esports. #IndonesiaBisa

Edited by Yubian A. Huda