Winning the Minor, Newbee Ranking 4 in the Pro Circuit Ranking

Especially for Dota 2 esports lovers, it is likely that their attention is more towards Minor and Major class tournaments. Incidentally the fourth Minor, namely the Perfect World Masters which took place in Shanghai, China, has just ended. With a total of 10 teams participating, there are several teams that have unique stories in this tournament.

Starting from Team Secret who had to play without MidOne due to personal matters that made MidOne unable to play, and in the end Team Secret announced that Cty would replace him.

Then LGD Gaming is considered one of the strongest teams in China but in fact, they fell first in the Groupstage round due to lack of points to advance to the Playoffs round.

While Mineski, who was quite strong in the previous 2 tournaments, won first place at the PGL Open Bucharest and second place at the Starladder i-League Invitational 3, but instead became the first team to fall when it entered the Playoffs.

After running for a few days, this tournament seemed to be dominated by the Chinese team, even compLexity, which performed quite well, but unfortunately collapsed in the semifinals of the Lower bracket, where at that time coL was the last representative outside of China. In the end, the Grand Final will be fought by 2 home teams.

Maybe some of you are still traumatized by the TI4 Grand Final which looks quite boring, where the fourth Grand Final brings together Newbee and Vici Gaming, it’s just the same, it’s just a different roster.

Very different from their battles at that time, this match was very fierce, the average game finished in the 40s, and there was an extraordinary comeback in the last game.

In the end, Newbee managed to win 3-0 and secured their first Minor title this season. As well as being entitled to bring home a trophy and a grand prize of $ 150,000 or the equivalent of 2 Billion Rupiah, Newbee also earned 150 Qualifing Points and immediately made them move up to 4th place in the Dota Pro Circuit Ranking.


Oh yes, one more thing, Sccc won the vote as the Chinese version of the Voting Player of the year via the official website of the Perfect World Masters.

Next, we will have the Major coming, in fact it’s really close to be precise on December 1 to 3 there will be a DreamHack Major or more you know DreamLeague Season 8. For more information, just stay tuned guys on the website