Wins 2 times Against Secret, Immortals Shows Power of Korea Doto

Maybe some of you have read, watched or followed the One Piece story where there was a time when all the members of the Luffy Pirates had to separate from each other but in the end were able to come back and become stronger than before. Yes it seems a bit forced but it might be similar to the Immortals roster team.

immortals at main event on open Bucharest, source twitter @pglesports

Contains Dota 2 players from Korea who are already familiar to you, they had disbanded when they were still together at MVP Phoenix and after a while they finally came back together as a team, namely Phoenix and in the end were acquired and brought the current Immortals banner.

Immortals’ performance, especially at the PGL Open Bucharest, was in the spotlight of the crowd, starting from the qualifying round in NA, against several strong teams there and managed to qualify for the Main Event.


Arriving at the Main Event at the Groupstage round, Immortals showed extraordinary performance by successfully beating Team Secret 2 times in a row, first with a score of 2-0 then 2-1.

With this victory, Immortals managed to secure the Playoffs spot for the PGL Open Bucharest. Apart from being guaranteed a top 4 position, Immortals also secured Qualifing Points for this second Minor.

Today Immortals will face Mineski, this will be a Big Match because Mineski’s performance is also in the best condition. The winner will advance to the Grand Final and face the winner between EG vs LGD.


Watch their exciting match on Stream Official – English Coverage here, or watch Indonesia Coverage on your favorite youtube channel (