Winter Battle Pass Is Out, What Features Are Offered?

At around 7 am West Indonesian Time, the comeback was announced Battle Pass, with this season’s theme, Winter.

Similar to the Battle Pass Boston Major, this Battle Pass also came to enliven the atmosphere of the Kiev Major which will start its Main Event April 20-23, 2017.

Then what is offered in this Winter Battle Pass, let’s see:

  • Battle Pass Rewards Level

As with the old Battle Pass, this is definitely there, for the first reward when buying this Battle Pass you will get, Winter Treasure I, Terrain Winter, Winter Battle Cup, and 6 pack player cards. For Terrain Winter will be expired concurrently with the end of the Battle Pass event, while for Player Cards, they are still waiting for the announcement of the team that participated from Valve itself.

The Battle Pass is also back with the Quest, you will be given 3 paths which, if completed, will get a unique set depending on the path you are on.

Path of the Paragon – Treant Protector Set (Bark of the Ageless Witness)

Path of the Inquisitor – Zeus Set (Bearing of the King Restored)

Path of the Skirmisher – Antimage Set (Fervent Conscript)

Wagering is a feature that you can use when playing in regular or ranked matches, you will sacrifice weekly tokens to get a chance to have battle points to increase your Battle Pass.

While you are working on quests and others there are Achievements which will also give you battle points when the mission is successfully accomplished.

Battle Cup lovers will surely be disappointed if this feature is not present, it is not just an opportunity to get Battle Points. But it can also be used as a training ground for those who are with the team.

From the features, it is not too different from the previous Battle Pass, but what makes it different is that 6 Battle Cup winners from each region will immediately get a slot in the Regional Qualifier for the Kiev Major.

Plus, after a long wait, the event from Valve finally returned.

Dark Moon Event, for more information about this event, you can see here: (DOTA 2 Holding An Event Again! What Are the Prizes?)