Without Organization, Former Roster of VGJ.Storm Pulls Universe into Team Forms

Post event The International 8 ended, of course many teams have formulated their strategies to achieve the next target. After Newbee dismissed the issue of disbandment roster Dota 2, this time the former VGJ.Storm player started to form a team Dota 2 without an esports parent organization.

The team, which contains experienced players, seems to have also attracted superstars Dota 2, Universe. This apparently is not just an issue to see Resolut1on who announced rooster through his official twitter account.

Of course this leaves several problems, such as how the division VGJ.Storm is Dota 2 future and also the future of Fnatic without Universe. On the other hand, Resolut1on admits that rooster it exists without an esports parent organization.

In other words, VGJ.Storm has lost roster Dota 2 them even though it hasn’t been officially announced yet. Fnatic is also rumored to have a massive overhaul for roster Dota 2 they. It’s actually a rumor roster shuffle This has become a byword on the Reddit forum formed by forum members, madibariddim.

Rumors of roster shuffle from the Reddit forum. Source: Reddit

This of course leaves questions about several issues that seem right and right on target. Even so, Newbee is an example of what is arguably wrong seeing Newbee’s management statement in the following article.


If according to the rumors, Resolut1on and friends will play under the banner of OpTic Gaming. And also rooster The last OpTic Gaming will split up and choose their own path.

Seeing potential rooster the formation of Resolut1on and friends cannot be underestimated. The names listed are the players Dota 2 experienced, let alone filled by former TI5 champions, Universe.

Following roster Dota 2 made by Resolut1on and friends:

  • Yawar “YawaRHassan – Midlane
  • Romance “Resolut1on” Fominok – Carry
  • Saahil “UniverseArora – Offlane
  • Wise “MSS” Anwar – Support
  • Avery “SVG” Silverman – Support (Captain)
  • Kurtis “Aui_2000” Ling – Coach
Roster Ex-VGJ.Storm with Universe. Source: Wyk

VGJ.Storm itself performed quite convincingly in the TI8 group stage by topping group B. However, in the playoffs they looked difficult and had to settle for being in the 7-8th position after being beaten by Team Secret.

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However, it is better if we look at the plans that these players will take. VGJ.Storm itself had time to make a tweet full of questions after thanking all VGJ.Storm parties.

The possibility of the player leaving also leaves the Offlane, Sneyking. The American national player is not in the lineup announced by Resolut1on.

Roster VGJ.Storm at The International 8. Source: VGJ Team

Despite this, the arrangement rooster This is considered to be the final and it’s just a matter of time until an esports organization proposes these 5 talented players. Will the Reddit forums again prove the rumors? Could OpTic Gaming be a team of these players?